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American Wrestlers
“I Can Do No Wrong”

American Wrestlers

One of the guys in Radio On once told us, to paraphrase (you don’t ever wanna know what they really said, so let’s just concentrate on what they meant), “[you] crap rainbows”. Admittedly we didn’t really know what the guy was on about at that point. “Wrong”, we said. “We crap normal. No rainbows up in this literal shit”. Perhaps as our perspective on pretty much anything and everything has substantially altered following a somewhat life-changing epiphany that we had at Primavera some months ago which largely, and again literally, involved deleting a lot of shite/people that had been getting on our wick for, dunno, a couple of years, we just feel infinitely happier these days. Beforehand, we felt the bitterness of continuous let-downs and the agony of endless ball-aches. And, as is customary, apparently happy things and happy people are drawn to those who are truly happy. Right now, we’ve got this life game pretty much licked. We have no idea how long it is going to last for, and given the last time this happened the sky came crashing down on us rather abruptly following our ostensible joygasm, so we might as well fucking rinse it now. So, way-more-than-apt life soundtrackage has materialised in form of current Track Of The Day I Can Do No Wrong from the superbly-titled American Wrestlers. Rather unsurprisingly, they say they are from the USA. Not a specific part of it, mind. The entire USA. The whole landmass. Just to give you an idea of how physically big this band is, and of course we are making another assumption there seeing as the only confirmed sighting and resultant imagery of our Track Of The Day’ers appears to be a distorted noir-photo of a guitarist doing his thing. If we may, only for the briefest of moments, concentrate on the music bit, leading on from what we were spunking our inner jubilation at pretty much everything about in the sentences above, this pretty much sums up our day. In terms of citations, we reckon this is the birthing effect if various elements of Beck, Turin Breaks, the more light-hearted end of The Cure spectrum and Cheerleader somehow copulated and made a music baby. While you’re thinking about the mechanics of that, do listen to this.

American Wrestlers – I Can Do No Wrong

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