“Rat Eyes”


Fuck. Tired. Back is buggered. Moving is a real pain in the A. And the B. And the C, etc. Given our to-date high-ratio of throwing money at problems that most people deal with in a hands-on kind of way – for example, moving rates highly in this list of accolades, but also cleaning, and……getting home at four in the morning and….dunno really, dressing well? – we’re quite frankly dumbstruck that we didn’t carpe the shit out of that particular diem and got a man/men with a van/ven involved with our situation. We mean, shit, we were even set up with the option vicariously Tim’s mate who knew a guy that would make all of our habitual moving problems disappear for £50. But no. We tried to be like you lot. We tried to be a normal. Now we’re in constant pain, and of course we are going to whinge about it. Walking is an effort. On that note, here’s Leeds people Stilts. Their nomenclature suits our physical state; and their music suits the mental turmoil we have been put through for most of today, which commenced with Tim jumping in bed with us first thing in the morning (well, more like 8.30am, because we wanted a lie-in, and obviously he disagreed with it) demanding that we take him to the nearest greasy spoon (we did), and is about to end with the world of pain that is our email inbox. Anyway, this is bratcore to the extreme. Guitars don’t come much more scuzzy than this, and lyrics are rarely spat out with as much vitriol as that. We are straight away reminded of one of The Horrors‘ earlier offerings in form of Sheena Is A Parasite, coupled with the really-don’t-give-a-shit-about-anything aesthetic you might find associated with The Coathangers, as well as perhaps the grungier elements of The Vines. Also, we reckon they employed the same guy who did the video for Pulled Apart By HorsesMeat Balloon to do this clip for em. Pretty cool.


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