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“Body Gold”

Wonder Wonder

Soooooooooooooo. Royal Blood. Numero uno. Pole position. A lot of fuckin’ sales. Bigness. One of you lot owes us a fiver. We know that’s not going to happen. Let’s just say a lot of people owe us a lot of fivers for similar accolades. Hell, maybe we’ll take such matters into our own hands one day. Maybe we’re building up to doing just that. Anyway, enough about us and our ostensible claim on something that really we had very little to do with personally. Let’s talk about you. How was your Monday? Did you succumb to certain rumours about certain bad things happening on certain tubes today? We sure as shit did. But it just happened to coincide with yet another marathon along the length but not so much breadth of Kensington High Street. We have spent more time in other people’s office perfecting our head-nodding and foot-tapping technique today than we have in our own, although to be fair we’d likely be doing much the same round ours instead of round theirs anyway. It’s a good time for music, generally. To further reinforce that sentiment, we’re delighted to listen to the calming dulcet tones of new peoples Wonder Wonder who plonked current Track Of The Day Body Gold into our inbox. Premiered a few hours ago via TMRW Magazine, we’ve since learned the following about this overtly-illusive (we’re assuming, based on the vocal harmonies, unless we’re actually losing our fucking hearing and/or mind in accordance with increasingly popular concensus) boy-girl duo: bugger all. That is the point of being overtly-illusive, right? What we can pin-point somewhat more accurately by way of useful information is that these peeps will be unveiling a steady musical output of at least one new song per calendar month (we’ve been drafting contracts for a number of weeks now, so we’re still stuck in that kinda lingo unfortunately for everyone else). If each new offering is as consistently brilliant as this, and or in the musical vein of James Blake crushing London Grammar smooshing Mausi, then we’re all in for a fuckin’ great time.

Wonder Wonder – Body Gold

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