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Summer Ghost

Day two of toddling about like someone’s placed something up the wrongun went okay. We’ve noticed it really isn’t, perhaps in indirect reference to one of many favourite Alkaline Trio lyricisms, that attractive to complain about one’s sore back when one’s back is indeed sore. We’ve been told its the stress and the incidental sleep deprivation. Or vice-versa. No shit, Sherlock. It takes effort to make all this look as if it requires little-to-no-effort. Despite that the world-changing Ian Butterworth was back in town for a brief tour of his various friendship circles – the dude has several patents pending, although he has stressed that we’re not allowed to talk about them because otherwise people will nick the ideas (and they are very good ideas) – we went for the sensible option of finding a place to lay down rather than booming it up into the sunset as he and Dave Adams elected to. The time spent together was indeed productive. There was meat, for a start. Also we came up with the concept of yet another record label which as far as we can tell no-one’s done yet. Get ready, lube up etc. Perhaps in celebration of the sort of shit Ian likes listening to – which we have since named “consideredcore” (Ian doesn’t like the suffix “step”) – and as a secondary aspect being that today is in fact the last day of the ascertainable summer months, here’s new-ish Track Of The Day Milk from new Track Of The Day’er Summer Ghost. We got wind of this chappy via the opening of an email from Amazing Radio that essentially briefs us on the songs we’re allowed to know about ahead of one-of-them discussion panels we’re taking part in next week – again, a good reason to have a fully-functional spine – but it also turns out he has had big-ups, props, boo-yahs and waa-wicky-waas from The Line Of Best Fit, as well as an acertainable EP release from cool-kids Kissability, from which presumably Milk is taken. The music is pretty far-out and has been described as “hurt pop”, or pop that is designed to hurt you. A bit left, as we’ve heard dropped in many an A&R meeting as a means of describing…something. The opposite of right? Dunno. Anyway, we think it’s fucking cool and amplifying this notion is that we really can’t think of anything that’s quite like this right now. Then again, we have just woken up after forcing ourselves to go back to sleep several times for the last several hours. Not to be put off by feeling a bit lost, and as a further ode to Ian (he really is quite possibly the greatest human being of all time, you’ll all fuckin’ see), this might broadly fit into the aforementioned made-up genre which could be governed by the splicing the sonics of Ffuries, Beach House and Prides together. Spicy.

Summer Ghost – Milk


Summer Ghost – Feel4Ever

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