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High Tension
“High Risk High Rewards”/”Collingwood”

High Tension

Anyone else feeling a latent fuzzy effect from the weekend? We mean, we really lucked out with the weather huh? Were the scenery at Reading Festival’s Richfield Avenue site similar to what the London skyline currently is on this dreary-as-it-is Tuesday afternoon – and indeed it was, on the Monday afternoon that we decided to finally wake up and/or vacate what had effectively turned into a massive shithole – we almost certainly would have bottied out much sooner than we did. The fact is, this was the best year Reading’s ever been. Both personally, and we guess professionally as well. We loved every minute. We met and hung with some wonderful people, old/real old and new/real new. Both John J Presley and Jack Garratt made you regret that you didn’t check them out sooner. We were glad to be where we were, with whoever we were there with at the time, and not once were we left wishing that we were doing anything else at any point. Possibly that old contentment jobby we’ve been aspiring to for sometime. Weird, huh. The only material fuck up was that our car fucked up when we tried to leave, which meant that we had to spend two hours in close proximity to Gary Lancaster; and the other bit is that we slightly upset someone important to us that we really didn’t mean to, so we’re sorry for that. But other than that, fuckyeah. In an attempt to get us back into a similar state of mind that we were in 72 hours ago, without having the needful access to a beer rider and/or a plethora of fast-food options, here’s Australian peoples High Tension. Our mate Wally sent them over to us. We’re not entirely sure why, but we are nevertheless very grateful that he has. Picked us right up. Made us feel good. This is the kind of metalled-up heavy rocking party tunes that we can see ourselves really getting behind – shit, if we were aware of this a little while ago we would have tried to license the crap out of it for the compilation. Citations by way of musical references are heavily situated in the camp of what we usually listen and/or bounce to at our desk – which is what we’re doing right now to this, indeed, much to the repulsed-delight of Ben Soep – and we’re talking along the line of Queens Of The Stone Age (in fact, current co-Track Of The Day High Risk High Rewards smacks of the first track from Songs For The Deaf, the name of which we forget right now), The Bronx, Rolo Tomassi, White Lung annnnnnnnnnnnd The Distillers. Yes. Crank it.


High Tension – Collingwood

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