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“Coconut Water”

Milk & Bone

Hey, guess what? We slept like sheep counting ain’t no thang. Konked out. No nothing. We even dreamed, which doesn’t usually happen, or at least doesn’t happen very often. We believe our subconscious is both excited and anxious about Reading Festival on many counts; spliced with the most-frank chat about women in general that we’ve had with someone that we really didn’t expect to have such a chat with yesterday evening (it wasn’t mum or dad, so shut up), this resulted in vivid imagery of us performing on a stage of consequence at Reading to a crowd largely populated by people we used to go out with. As in there were clones of em. Fields and fields of ex-girlfriend clones. Have you ever imagined something so terrifying in all ya days? The good news is that we didn’t suck – we were basically being Blink 182 all on our lonesome – but the bad news is that our crowd were less than receptive to our expert dream-time musical moves and were more interested in eyeballing us and generally salting our game. So, to juxtaposition these two themes of girls coupled with weird-dreaminess, here’s current Track Of The Day Coconut Water from Montrealians Milk and Bone. Rob, once more, has educated us on this lot. We are uncertain as to which is what. Whatever, doesn’t matter. We should also point out that, as a retailed product that seems to litter the shelves of many-a-shop in West London, we fucking hate the taste of coconut water. We don’t care if Rihanna reps it, we think it tastes like turd juice. Give us Lilt anytime. Our opinions towards the nomenclature of this track aside, this is possibly the best way to round off a day not as trying as the one preceeding it but trying nonetheless, and we are grateful for certain social functions being cancelled this evening so that we might chill the fuck out with our boy Timmy and eat some chicken wings. Let’s discuss the music, shall we? Having made a wee splashy in the online world circa one month ago with then-effort New York, main protagonists Laurence and Camille trade in the kind of laid-back dream-pop that we can see ourselves becoming fully invested in. Now returning with this smooth number around a week or so ago, further online props and/or plaudits continue to rain in, we’re guessing by virtue of the very same Tegan & Sara via St. South via The Casket Girls song-craftsmanship that has similarly reigned us in. Delightful.

Milk and Bone – Coconut Water

Might as well. It’s a free download and all.

Milk and Bone – New York

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