“Youth In Decay”


We managed to completely botty out of hitting up V Festival this weekend. Gutted. We became a prisoner of our own (then) miserable body which only just about got us outdoors on Sunday to watch something called “The Football”. This meant that we managed to miss Sons & Lovers slay/lay waste to/party up/etc the rapturous and somewhat sizable crowd on Sunday. Sorry, everyone. It was necessary in order to keep the party alive at this particular end. Retrospectively – indeed, a line perspective that is usually littered with “should’ve done this, that and the other” – we suppose saving ourselves for Reading this coming weekend is probably the right way to go in any event. But it does make us ever so slightly remorseful that perhaps we don’t have the same degree of youthful enthusiasm for these sorts of things as we may once had at the start of the so-called festival season. On that note, here’s Youth In Decay from Brighton people Troves. We recognise at least one of the constituent members of this outfit as a previous TOTD’er back in our formative years as a bloggy blog-blogeroo. Well, these lot are off to a flying start. Many other bloggingtons far more relevant to the world than our own have already thrown them their due and prop-er (see what we did there?) in recent weeks, and indeed the chappies have been picked up by the newly-resurrected Nude label (y’all like Suede? They be Suede‘s peoples) for a single release (nice one Saul). For when, we’re not sure. We’re also uncertain as to whether this is a cover or not; we’ve seen someone chatting that kinda breeze somewhere this morning. Don’t care. It’s real good and has that kinda credible commercial appeal that will see this getting plastered onto playlists hither and thither. We’re talking something in-between Haim and Chvrches. Right on. Pre-order the bugger now if you wanna.

Troves – Youth In Decay

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