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Horror My Friend

Anyone else feel real sluggish today? Like, just super fucking tired? We don’t get it. We’ve been maxing out on the sleepy time. We clocked in, like, 10 hours last night. Can you get more tired by oversleeping? Dunno. Probably. What else could it be? Well, we partied pretty hard this weekend just gone by. But that largely involved sitting, rather than the standing about loitery-style that we have become accustomed to at too-many-a-festival of late – indeed our festival hiatus continues, but is likely to approach a sudden intermittent break on the road to Reading Festival (15 years, consecutively. 15. Fucking. Years. Deal with that, then tell us how to) upon the receipt of the news that Sons & Lovers will be bringing their sons and lovering to V Festival soon enough, and given we’ve never been before this seems like a good enough reason to re-light that proverbial fire – and thereby we have actually conserved energy rather than expend it, that cannot possibly be it. Anyway. Better shape up. Better understand that we’re gonna be cheering and jeahing to Dan Croll doing his thing for The Metro at Jazz Cafe tonight. BETTER. Helping us get in the mood are scuzzy power-punk trio Horror My Friend. They are from Australia. They have been going nearly as long as we have. They are cool. They have a Track Of The Day called Nothing, which instantly reminds us of formative pop-punk trio A, but these guys sound very little like them. Theirs is a typical story (according to them) about how they met at school, they formed a band (the reason that boys do this at school is so they can get the girls. It’s true. Don’t lie), released some records and then started booming it up on stages with the likes of The Cribs and former Track Of The Dayers Violent Soho. Skip to present day, and you’ve got new tunage in the form of Nothing which has got them spun on the native cool-ass station Triple J. We dig. For us, it’s a super 3-minute mega mix of Dananananaykroyd, Japandroids, We Are Scientists and a little bit of the frantic nature of The Dillinger Four (not The D4. They ain’t the same). Get into it.

Horror My Friend – Nothing

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