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Interview: Annabel Jones

Annabel Jones

The opinionated are just so very opinionated, huh? We should know, we’ve been an amateur-turned-staunchly-professional (LOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLugh) musical elitist for damn near 15 years now. We’ll certainly give you our opinion, if you ask us for it. The fact is the rhetoric of the indie gospel is as biggotted, if not more, than what the popularist schoolyard music industry bleatings on what is ascertainably a “success” in the context of an artist’s recorded output (or otherwise. Turns out artists do more stuff than put out records. Who the hell would have thunk it) happen to be. Given that artists, particularly emerging ones, are in the regular habit of surrendering their bits and bobs to the public domain and thus invite scrutiny eminating from the very same, we imagine they have a hard time when it comes dealing with a large proportion of the more opinionated types – particularly the ones who really don’t know what the fuck they are talking about. It can be trying. Then kicks in the incessent need to want to please one’s audience by succumbing these doubt-instilling statements of nonsense, often derived by the perma-transient nature of the written word committed into the social networking sphere. What we like a hell of a lot about Annabel Jones is that she really doesn’t give a fuck about that sort of stuff, and generally does what she wants. We also like how she rates MeWithoutYou as much as we once did. We first crossed paths in Killing Moon’s infancy – although according to some people, we are still in our infancy (the person in question did go into some detail by way of sweating facts and shitting stats about how he reps a big Goliath-style company, and in comparison we are tiny and puny. Everyone loves an underdog though, right?), which in a way is quite pleasing as it’s kinda like getting ID’d when you’re nearly 30 – circa 2010 when the lady started bounding about a track called Normal Heights. Her band was called Bluebell. We loved the track in question and the various constituent members would become bros, although admittedly we haven’t seen Charlie and co nearly as much as we would have liked in recent times. We’ve all been busy, you see. Anyway, later on we would have the privilege of putting out Normal Heights as a single, indeed the band’s debut, about a year-and-something later. The buzz kicked in. The suits began circling. The game began. Then, according to the world which in its current state is in the regular habit of consuming everything so quickly and frequently, including music, that if the supply ever lets up for longer than a metaphorical second then you’re pretty much done, the supply stopped. “She must be done”, more than a few people kept telling us, and on the odd occasion insinuating that we must have regretted putting our own money into releasing a record for the aforementioned. That’s what you think, fuckers. Like you don’t win an award for finishing a book that you richly enjoyed, we see putting out records in a similar way; and we imagine Annabel alludes to something similar when it comes to making music. When an artist goes quiet for a bit, perhaps consider that this is merely the calm before the proverbial storm and that you might just have fucking wait for more good stuff. Anyway, following that perfect dismount off our moral high horse; the last time we saw Annabel was when we and Brother Tim were stomping around the mean streets of Highgate on the search for the delicious food some months ago, and she was going for a walk with her gran in the village bit. Exchanging a few brief sentences, she told us she would be heading abroad soon enough to get started on the so-called next step. Presumably, she meant new music; the first nugget of which surfaced around about this time last week with tweets of a new song called Magnetic which somewhat unsurprisingly has been lauded up by many a bloggy-blog-bloggeroo during that time on account of its Imogen Heap style bad-assness. Seeing as, for what ever reason, we keep getting interrogated as to what the hell is going on here on the reg, and as we’ve already mentioned we don’t get to converse with Annabel very often, we thought we’d sling over some questions designed to satiate a lot of people’s thirst for knowledge. It might not actually acheive that goal at all, but at least will give you a good opportunity to kill five minutes or whatever. Jeah.

Could you introduce yourself for the hi-brow readership of the Killing Moon blog?

Hello, I’m Annabel Jones. I’m from Hampshire. But I live in London but right now I’m in California actually RIGHT NOW.

KM: Right now? Actually? Actually right now? California? WUT?

Annabel Jones – Magnetic

Annabel Jones – Normal Heights (Bluebell)

Favourite release of the last 12 months, and why?

Lana Del ReyUltraviolence. I think it’s very cool and beautiful, I like how you can hear that she’s fallen in love with Jeff Buckley. I love her lyrics and her strange voice, I also think the album has this rock’n roll feeling to it. I’ve listened to the Arctic Monkeys last album a million but I think that might be older than a year? He’s a poet, I think, anyway. I’ve been exposed to a lot of great artist while I’ve been out here and I feel like the above may change, possibly. I change my mind sometimes.

KM: As do we. Its allowed. You can have both.

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Favourite show of the last 12 months, and why?

I don’t really go to big shows anymore, I’m too fucking broke. I remember when gigs were like £10/15…I’m old as shit you guys.  I find myself at friends’ gigs a lot and open mic nights, I enjoy those for a number of reasons. I saw Nathaniel Rateliff at a really small intimate show and that was magical, he’s a very nice man who seems to have no interest in being anything other than himself. He has some of my favourite songs like We Never Win which reminds me of my Dad a lot.

KM: Nathaniel sounds like a legit dude. We wonder if he too is nearing his 30’s. Here he is.


If you could moon anyone, or anything, who or what would it be?

I come from a family of mooners, I whip a moon out on the reg. No great thought required.

KM: Googled “family of mooners”. Got this. Hopefully you don’t look as if you’re about to just take a massive dump on everyone when you’re undertaking similar endeavours.


You’re about to be killed. You get to pick one song to hear before your inevitable demise. What’s it gonna be?

If it’s going to be a slow death I’d like to listen to something like Jeff Buckley, So Real, or if it’s a really long, slow death like a poisoning I’d like to hear the whole album, maybe some Debussy, Leonard Cohen, Chet Baker. I suppose the length and content of that lists depends on the poison. If it was going to be bloody and I was going to be required to fight back I’d like to hear some Rage Against the Machine, Killing in The Name. But that song is quite long and I’m not sure I have the physical stamina to kick ass for 5 minutes non stop at that bpm. I’ve been working out, so maybe.

KM: We love a good fight. We’re gonna make you fight.


Killing In The Name Of, or Dark Side Of The Moon?

Please see above.

KM: Oh. We see. You’ve lampooned us. As we have ourselves. It was a simple lampoon. Well-played.

Magnetic is now available to stream from her ruddy Soundcloud page.

Thanks to Annabel Jones.

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