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Cheap Blue Yonder
“I’m Not Trying”

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We’ve had some pretty interesting conversations with some pretty interesting people in the last 24. Hours. In the last 24 hours. We’re heavily getting into the tarnished art of condensing sentences – a bit like when you talk to music industry dudes, who call bands like My Chemical Romance “My Chem” and Bring Me The Horizon “Bring Me”…. come to think of it, we can’t think of anything in this context that exists outside the alternative/heavy rock sphere where this name-condensement takes place, unless you count Rihanna as “Rhi-Rhi”, but that kinda takes the same amount of time doesn’t it? Hmmmmmm – in order to free up our time and not look like a mug in front of the big-ballers. Anyway, in that time frame, certain discussions have taken place alluding to the concept of stepping one’s game up. Or indeed, one stepping up to the proverbial plate. Say you wanna be an actor, as referenced in one of our all-time favourite Alkaline Trio songs (we have many); its a tough career path. Lotta competish (there we go again) out there. Not a lot of people make it. So what do you do? Do you stand up and shout “I’m a golden god, now pay me a lot of money to act my ass off”? Or in doing so do you fear the snootiness and snidyness of your peoples who you’re inclined to believe kinda want to see you fuck it all up so they can have a good long laugh at your expense and ostensibly ascend in the hierarchy of, basically, bullshit, and refrain from attempting to do anything at all? Whilst initial views vary, what we largely all agreed on was often in order to embark on such an ambitious journey such as the pursuit of one’s dreams, one must feel one has nothing to lose and everything to gain. For us, this manifests itself in the form of things metaphorically (and on the odd occasion, literally) blowing up in our faces. We’re sure other people have been there too once or twice but are way better at not looking as if it affects them. So, on that note, here’s current Track Of The Day I’m Not Trying from as-current Track Of The Dayers Cheap Blue Yonder. They are from New York, which is interesting given the nearly-Saddlecreek nature of their vibe. Or maybe they’re into that in New York. Who knows. Who cares. Anyway, what else have we got that we can furnish you feckless A&R people with so that you might refrain from emailing in for more information despite the fact that we are telling you everything we know right here (or ARE WE? Ooooooooooohhhhh….)? Uhhhhhhhhh, there are four of them. And we think that they sound a bit like Band Of Horses doing Pavement doing My Morning Jacket doing Local Natives. That’ll do for now. We’re a little bit hungover from yesterday, you see. Have a great weekend all.

Cheap Blue Yonder – I’m Not Trying

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