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Native Sons

Given the heady outlook for the week which largely involves spreadsheeting the actual crap out of everything that could possibly be spreadsheeted, and touting around the wicked-cool idea we had a couple of weeks ago to a whole bunch of peeps who seem fully up for enabling us to get on with it all, we’re living more or less exclusively on new music recommendations these days. Which is nice and makes a nice change from perusing our almighty iPhone list which always seems about two or three months out of sync with the rest of the blog world. Not that we’re in the habit of comparing our stature and/or fortunes based on those of others. No, we never do that. Anyway, James “other” Cox has resurfaced after a spell of presumably him spreading his good wares across the land and returns with a band called Native Sons. Bands what include the word “sons” in their chosen nomenclature. So hot right now. They are from London and/or Brighton, both of which we understand are also pretty hot right now both in terms of temperature and other stuff. There is a subtlety to their recorded approach that we find endlessly endearing; the track starts off as a light sonic jog until the composition really takes flight around the one minute mark after a rather scintillating middle eight. Yeah, we could spreadsheet for days along to this. Somewhat appropriately we are having artistic comparisons literally shouted at us from various corners of the room, which thus far include but are probably not limited to Bombay Bicycle Club, White Lies, Bloc Party and early Foals. We’ll throw in a bit of Wild Beasts lest we let everybody take over our fucking blog, as well as a band called Lion Bark that we featured quite some time ago and recall having a much harder time trying to nail down what they sounded like compared to this occasion.

Native Sons – Humanise

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