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Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd we’re back. How you doing? Did you miss us? Resort to some seriously spicy alternative shit to get your new musical kicks whilst we spontaneously took off? But you missed the swearing, didn’t you? Sure, there are blogs out there who are more on-it than we are; who have hype machine plaudits coming out of their botty-holes; who have won literal awards for being just so ruddy good at what they do. But they will never curse quite like we fucking do. That’s right. You need us to say all the things you wish you could say. With. Big. Fucking. Swear. Words. Well, we hope you do. Anyway. So we needed to get out of proverbial dodge for a short space of time just to, y’know, not be in London. Festival passes are real easy to come by these days, especially if you have a fully functional car. And a record label. So we toddled off to Latitude, and got real brown. That’s not even a turn of recreational drug-use phrase. Literally, we are now browner. People did and continue to marvel at the tan line that subsists with having a Pebble watch on one’s wrists, which means that we’re rinsing even more casual conversations over possession of such a device beyond just explaining what the fuck it does. Indeed, we did not party much at all. We were grateful for the thunder and lightning on the Saturday night that resulted in all kinds of ambient noise being drowned out so we could actually sleep in a fucking tent. We wanted to be all pensive and stuff, and talk to people who are interested in who we are rather than what we do for a living. And damn, did we have things to say. We didn’t even have a phone that functioned, which wasn’t as terrifying as we once thought it would be. The great thing about this coupled with being relatively sober at a festival is that you can actually remember which artists you have seen and what they were like. Y’know, the whole music bit. We saw Kwabs. He was good. Really good. So were The Acid. We managed to not see Jungle at a festival for the first time, which is interesting in itself. The rest of the time was spent being faceplanted due to fatigue in front of the main stage, periodically waking up to bands like Afghan Whigs doing their thing, and also speaking to/thinking about a certain person we haven’t spoken to/thunk about in a very, very long time. Pensive times means a pensive Track Of The Day. And right now it ain’t getting much more pensive than Brooklyn’s Glass Ghost. The perfect think-about-life soundtrack (or possibly comedown music, if you raged it up this past weekend at one of several summery events on offer) arriveth in form of Triangle. We heard Charlie Ashcroft play this on his Amazing Radio show this afternoon. We know not much about this four piece beyond their compliment of band members and indeed their current geographical location, beyond the props that they have received from the likes of Stereogum in recent weeks geared towards this track in particular. Given that we are likely to spend an awful amount of time chained to our desk this week – of course, that is where we are right now, given we lost a full two days of work last week due to grieving and the aforementioned pondorousness that apparently follows such an unfortunate series of events – we could probably do with a lot more of where this came from. Dissemination-wise, we may well find ourselves digging out records from the likes of Malpas, Duologue and Dems owing to this. We also reckon this sounds a tad like the now-consolidated sounds of Alt J, with the dude from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah singing all over it. Pretty good.

Rather cleverly, the chaps at Western Vinyl have disabled the embed code here. Which is a bit shit. Click here to check it out though, s’good.

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