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Death And The Penguin
“Space 1998″/”Snuffed Out”

Death and The Penguin

Darkness. Pain. Orgies involving melted cheese like they had in The Adventures Of Asterix. Cats and dogs living together. Joining Linked In. These are just some of the crazy thoughts that have been synapsed through our mind’s eye and/or brain since returning to London from Glastonbury yesterday. We’re lucky we got back in one piece. What’s odd is that, at the time, we felt just great. We could fully function. We didn’t take the piss. Actually, given the sheer plethora of stag-do styled festival endeavours we have engaged in of late – some for the business, some for the pleasure, and all involving a little bit of both in one way or another – we’ve hit others much, much harder than we did this one. Perhaps this is a latent effect of a culmination of the last 3 months or so. Yeah, it’s probably that. Our body is just saying to us “hey, fuck you buddy. We’re not gonna co-operate this time. Deal with this shit in the real world”. Working from home would have been a great option, if we didn’t have so much crap to do here as well as some punk deciding today would be a great time to start water-drain works on a similar scale to that of constructing the Hoover Dam, thereby rendering it impossible to do pretty much anything. Turns out water is still pretty vital, for stuff in general. Given our mindset of borderline-dispair and ostensible regret of pretty much everything that has ever happened right now, we’re over the moon to award today’s comedown-of-a-lifetime Track Of The Day to Death and The Penguin and their quite-frankly-brilliant double tune combination consisting of Space 1998 and Snuffed Out. In terms of regrets, we certainly do just that in terms of not blathering about this way sooner, given that we’re pretty sure that American bad-ass Anthony Shaw sent this over quite some time ago. About 8 or 9 months ago, in fact. We are reminded of them by Intern Chris who a little bit earlier today put em forward for one of our live thingies. Whether they play or not remains to be seen, but on the strength of this 65 Days Of Static via Three Trapped Tigers via And So I Watch You From Afar crunchy groove we’d very much like them to. Failing that, we’ll more likely than not find ourselves rinsing the recently-released Accidents Happen EP from which these two tracks are lifted, and indeed get our currently-dishevelled ass to see them when they hit Upstairs At The Garage on the 29th July.

Death and The Penguin – Space 1998


This too is rad.

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