“I Do It Cause I Wanna”/”No Matter”


Bowling. It’s pretty good, and we are pretty good at it. A rather informal evening out was had by us yesterday evening despite the inevitable and somewhat-commonplace occurrence of promising several different people that we’d do several different things in several different locations, ironically all at the same time. “Oh poor you”, we hear you think with a hint of mildly-bitter sarcasm. “Must be hard being you”. Well, it fucking is. You think correctly. Anyway, we sensibly (we say that because Chloe got us a ticket and in all likelihood would have been real pissed at us if we flaked, mainly because one of her favourite things to do is have a go at us for a plethora of personal shortcomings usually pertaining to how we really don’t know what the fuck is going on most of the time) picked the social option of seeing our mate Jen rocking a suit as a member of The Suits bowling team in this play they’re doing at Rowan’s in Finsbury Park – undoubtedly known to a sizable chunk of our adoring readership as “that place where you end up off your nut and end up bowling and/or playing a number of arcade games and/or doing spicy karaoke renditions of whatever” – and it was great. A character known as striker delivered an emotive monologue at the end of the play about he generally doesn’t give a shit about what you think; he loves bowling, and bowling is legit. Ergo, it is his hot body, and he does what he wants. This ultimately led to us bowling with the cast until sometime around midnight, and we’re not so bad ourselves. We finished a respectful third on 117. Perhaps now is the right time to introduce our current Track Of The Day’ers Dentist and their aptly-named Track Of The Day I Do It Cause I Wanna, and their not-so-aptly-named No Matter. So let’s do just that. Dentist are from Asbury Park, which for some time (approximately 15 minutes or so) we thought might be in London like Finsbury Park, but turns out its a whole other park entirely in a whole other country – namely the United States of America, in a place called New Jersey. Cool. They don themselves in surf rock stylings that we find highly agreeable given the current sun-drenched-warm-ass climate we find ourselves in at present. We threw this to the A&R testbed that is Ben Soep just now as to what he reckons this sounds like. Dude came up with Best Coast, Fear Of Men and The Drums. We can get behind that, and feel somewhat inclined to chuck Ramones-sistotypes The Donnas into the mix due to the awesome vocal we’re getting here.

Dentist – I Do It Cause I Wanna

Dentist – No Matter

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