“Gold Dust”


There is absolutely no feasible explanation for why we feel tired right now. No reason at all. It cannot possibly be these financial forecasts and seemingly endless amount of excel spreadsheets. Surely it is not down to the infinite amount of festival sites and single launch parties that we so easily find ourselves stumbling through (props to Jay Brown for packing out The Islington last night). Definitely nothing to do with cramming in the workload equivalent to that of any given major label – hey guys, we like doing your jobs for you on the reg anyway, so its cool – between three guys (actually, we’re a man down because Ross has rather selfishly decided to fuck off on actual holiday in attempt to, like, have fun and stuff. Well-played sir). It must just be the weather. But hey – exciting stuff coming up tonight right? The game. The big one. The outcome of which will either see grown men crying tears of pain or joy. If you’re coming to our party tonight with allies Turn First Artists and Live Nation, you best be ready to get down because despite our somewhat jilted relationship with the ostensible wide world of sports, and football in particular, much like most of Facebook we’re likely to take the whole thing quite seriously. We were even quoting facts by way of attempted punditry yesterday to Damien Yare yesterday, following a rather one-sided speech-about-life from a certain music group CEO that we were rather grateful to tag along to, and this was shit we didn’t even realise we knew. Cool. All of this has absolutely nothing to do with current Track Of The Day’ers Sykes, with their conspicuous Track Of The Day entitled Gold Dust. Seems that Sykes (cool name guys; he was our favourite character in Oliver, and indeed we’re pretty into a certain metalcore band fronted by an individual whose very name is in fact inclusive of both of the aforementioned) have been about for a little bit. It also seems, in our warped mind at least, that this is probably the strongest musical effort that these guys have offered up to-date. Then again, we’ve only been aware of their existence for a grand total of two days. Subjectivity. It’s pretty good. Gold Dust is getting some kinda release on the 14th July, at which point we are quite likely to be on the other side of the planet playing silly buggers in the so-called EDM world. But you should keep an eye on these guys. They’re what you might deem as “relevant”, and from what we understand they are on the up; in regards to the music, get Pawws, Prides, Chvrches and Lights stuck into the ear of your mind and this’ll go down real easy.

Sykes – Gold Dust


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