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Pretties For You
“We Have Our Reasons”

Pretties For You

Y’know, true friends stab you in the front. That’s why they’re friends. The concept of saying what we really think – ironically, given the foundations of Killing Moon in whatever mode of existence it was afforded in its formative years (it’s actually been years….ferk) – has undoubtedly become dampened over the last 24 months. We betrayed ourselves. We allowed ourselves to become saturated with the thoughts and opinions and actions of those that we set out specifically to derogate away from, lest we become exactly like them; politically-entombed sociopaths. We blame the attention. At some point in the recent past, people started to read and/or listen to what we have to write and/or say. We weren’t used to this. We liked this. We got used to this false reality of people wanting a piece of our vicarious shit, primarily via the ostensible assimilation of a shit-ton of amazing bands that at that point we just had an alarming amount of time on our hands to get fully stuck into (i.e. without them, we’re nothing), and as consequence we have successfully managed to alter our very essence as a human being to something that we imagine certain people want us to be, rather than simply being us. Bands on the uppety probably know what we’re talking about. We hope this new era of self-assertiveness endures for some time just before we fall into the myriad pit of everything we hate about the fucking music industry and drown in it – and we should probably thank our brother Ashok for this 29-years-in-the-making epiphany alongside a plethora of other people that we know care about us, as opposed to what we can do for them. That’s enough “we”-ing for now. Let’s talk ’bout the music. Specifically, the music of Gothenburg’ers Pretties For You. Rob Turnham told us about ’em, as he does a great many bands – because he’s a cool guy, naturally, and wants to input into this bitch rather than being on the take all the time. Ahem. These peeps seem to deal in dark pop. Real-deal dark pop; an unashamed profession for 80’s music, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that. An album hath beeneth blasted out since 30th April, within which presumably current Track Of The Day (and, of course, aptly named in this write-up context) We Have Our Reasons sits (we’d imagine) rather comfortably. No UK live dates as of yet – but guys. Get in touch. We really wanna see you at a show in London, mainly because you straddle the line between the likes of Gary Numan, New Order, Sensual Harrassment (WUT), The Knife, Kate Bush and this fucking guy so very, very well.

Pretties For You – We Have Our Reasons

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