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Strong Asian Mothers
“Who Knows?”/”Position To Fly”

Strong Asian Mothers

We think we may well have discovered the 5th (or possibly the 6th; we really don’t keep track of numbers so good as our quarterly how-much-are-HMRC-gonna-fuck-us-in-the-botty-hole-this-time meeting served to remind us, which was a little bit like putting your foot in shite a few miles back and quite happily walking around the entire house spreading the aforementioned all over the wonderful cream-coloured carpet you just bought a few days ago until you realised what a massive plank you are) member of the same sex that we’d quite happily be gay for. As in we would tear that shit right up if we were so inclined. Deal with that. His name is Amer. He rolls deep with his maw. He also represents a quarter – a rather well-built quarter, we might add, complete with polar bear tattoo in the same bodily location that everyone else in the world seems to have one (it’s hard being cool, huh) – of seminal, um, band Strong Asian Mothers. He has a neat iPad/keyboard/laptop thingy set up on an ironing board. It’s not typical for us to write about a band that we have known about for sometime in advance of their first show; especially when we’ve written about another performer at the very same gig before the fact. Like Dexter from, um, Dexter, we have a rather elaborate set of rules that we try to adhere to more often than not when it comes to write ups and what not. But man. You should have been there last night. Set aside that the whole thing was pretty much rammed throughout, you should have seen these guys. You should have heard them speak of wonderous things such as KFC and what ever happened to the mega bucket and why it had to give way to the bargain bucket. And how they can compose an entire song using nothing but Francobollo samples. They were real good. Really really good. We’re not even sure how to categorise this kinda spicy twist. Ben reckons they’re the comedically-British version of MGMT. That’s a start. We’ll throw into that crunchy mix names like Hot Chip, Breton and (however much this pains us to say this; ask us in person and we’ll explain) Jungle. This is fun mixed with sway in perfect sonic format.

Strong Asian Mothers – Who Knows?

Strong Asian Mothers – Position To Fly


Strong Asian Mothers – They Do Move In Herds

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