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Strange Babes

Strange Babes

The end is in sight. Well, a short-lived end, in fact. Believe the hype: we are going to disappear for a teensy weensy bit from next week. Yes, you read that correctly. Barcelona is happening from next week, in a festival format known as Primavera. Given that this is our second consecutive year at this wonderful event that seems to exclusively have beautiful people as its patrons (somehow we snuck in there, real smooth-like) since succumbing to the wisdom of the unstoppable force that is Chris Duncan way back when he was spending his time trying to convince us that Primavera is, like, way better than any other festival, it appears that there are a shitload of other people in a similar occupation to ourselves planning this precise-same excursion. Ironically, we have all opted to go to a music event in order to go off the proverbial radar in terms of our working lives. Sometimes you just can’t kick the habit, y’know? Anyway. We need this. We DESERVE this. We have already pre-planned our slightly-vitriolic out-of-office autoresponse way in advance which may or may not suggest that if you bug us for some reason – like, someone needs to be on their deathbed in order to disturb this foreign sanctuary that we’ve built next week up to be – then we will eat your face. All of it. Fuckin’ Hannibal style. We’re not even kidding. So let it be written. Anyway, on the more light-hearted side of things, here’s the most appropriate Track Of The Day imaginable in form of the wonderfully-named Strange Babes. They are from LA, and also a bit of Auckland. That’s quite a stretch in terms of landmass, and also oceanmass; so we’re able to infer that these boys get about quite a bit and based on the sudden-impact nature of Holiday, it is further inferable that the map of their career will likely extend beyond this distance range in the, um, not-as-distant future. Ben really likes this. He really, really likes this. So much, in fact, that he somewhat autonomously and voluntarily spewed forth a series of verbal comparisons to give a context of what he reckons this sounds like. In no particular order, the dashingly-Scottish beardy man himself says that you’ve got some Teenage Fanclub, some Yo La Tengo, some (The) Thrills and a “wee bit of” The Drums. So there. Take that.

Strange Babes – Holiday

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