“Johnny’s Got A Sleeve”


May we raise a practical question at this point? Yeah? Cool. Given that the sun’s out, the people are happy (sort of – you lot drive like you reeeeeeaaaally got somewhere to be these days, perhaps in part spurned on the summery sun’s warmingly glowingly warming glow and a desire to, y’know, not be in a fucking car for too long), and clothing attitudes are becoming just that bit more liberal – is it cool for us to wear shorts to work? We mean, a lot of you women-folk don’t seem to mind too much donning them-there Mickey Mouse denim pants – which albeit is somewhat distracting, we refuse to comment on any which way, mainly because we’ll get smacked with the sexist-pig card if we make comments similar to those we made on the last Track Of The Day, or that we’re sending you right back to the 19th century if we take the opposite position – so we’re just thinking about our lovely legs with their etiolated hair-growth pattern (it was a real cold winter, which bizarrely seems to have ended rather abruptly in the last week or so. The fuck happened to Spring?) and maybe they deserve a chance to breathe as well. While you have a think about that, also have a think about these guys, collectively called JOHN, which somewhat surprisingly have absolutely nothing to do with what we just talked about. We seem to be getting familiar with a lot of Johns recently, which we’re sure our American readership will delight in reading as we imagine they might interpret this as us having to visit the toilet quite frequently these days. But yeah – we know John J Presley, John Joseph Brill (so 2 x John J’s, in fact)….ummmmm… there are more Johns. But this may well be the first time that we’ve seen a band seize this seemingly-currently-golden opportunity in terms of nomenclature given that Johns are so hot right now, couple it with the other hot-right-now guitar band aesthetic of being a two-piece, and release music under this given entity. More to the point, and setting aside our overcompensatory blatherings designed to distract you lot from the fact that we really don’t know what we’re talking about a lot of the time, we fucking love this music. It’s raw. It’s brutal. It’s making us air-drum in a mode so mental that it reminds us of the composition of certain individuals at Brighton’s Queen’s Hotel at 4am. For references what rock hard in a similar fashion ain’t really aren’t afraid to, try to imagine these guys standing toe-to-toe with the likes of SlavesTest IciclesYouth Man Greys, Pulled Apart By Horses and Untitled Musical Project. It’s easy if you try, as another John once reportedly said (but we didn’t know him).

JOHN – Johnny’s Got A Sleeve

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