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Release: Jay Brown Announces Debut Single Via Killing Moon

Jay Brown

Forescore and….Actually, we know what forescore means now. Let’s just say what we mean shall we? About a couple of years ago, we met a lady. A singing lady. We had seen her on the telly a few years back. Heard her rekkid on t’radio. We were a begrudging law student in those days – we say begrudging, because we fully recognise that we were and probably still are one of those spoilt brats that a lot of people like to pretend that they are not – with a rapidly-running-out training contract-bestowed grant and a lot of bitterness towards the music industry. We were living it up with our then-ladyfriend in a flat in Mile End that we could not possibly hope to afford post-studentdom in that particular academic year, when we weren’t as fully immersed in this music game as we would have liked to have been at the time. It’s that or nothing with our lot, right? Anyway. Singing lady. She had spent some time making a new record; the one that she always wanted to make. The music happened to be great as well, but largely on account of the ambition, the fuck-you-it’s-mah-hot-body-ah-do-what-ah-want attitude, we were delighted to be involved in setting up a label for this classy lady. Singing-lady had (or rather still has, to this very day) a sister by the name of Jay. Kid likes her rock music. Like, fully down with her rock music. We have seen Jay in recent days take to social media in order to inundate herself with suggestions pertaining to creating the perfect screamo playlist, which indeed makes us feel that Jay may well be our dream woman. In a slightly more professionally-geared context (it happens, occasionally), we had first heard whispers of Jay’s name being floundered about from special cults circles such as our friends at Sofar Sounds. Come the start of the new year, we were lucky enough to actually hear some music from the lady herself – it was an acoustic track. The words “whatchu think about that” stuck in our head subsequently. What, indeed, we did think about that was that here is a female singer touting an acoustic guitar that sits firmly outside of the realms of the scene awash with words like twee and ethereal. Here was something with balls. Real actual balls. And by sweet science, do we ever love balls. The decision was therefore reached rather swiftly that we somehow had to be involved. We have a label; she has a brand new song called We Are The People. Synapses did their job, and dots ulimately joined. So it is with great pleasure that we announce we are releasing the debut single from Jay Brown, which of course is We Are The People, on 16th June 2014. Our buddies at Communion are throwing her a pretty-sweet single launch party at The Islington on 18th June. Which is nice. Make sure you check out the real-controversal video for the track itself, and read the press release below which will probably explain proceedings a hell of a lot better than we are currently capable of right now. Jeah.

[Click here to pre-order We Are The People from iTunes]



Released on 16th June via Killing Moon Records

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[Click here to pre-order We Are The People from iTunes]

Meet 23 year old Jay Brown – an inherently gifted singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who can already count the likes of Zane Lowe and Dan Smith (Bastille) as fans of hers.


Hailing from Northampton and born into a large musical family where there was a heavy focus on creativity, it seems Jay’s journey was inevitable. And her broad musicality (inspired by the poetic lyrics of Alex Turner and the brooding folk of Tracy Chapman) has seen Jay be welcomed with open arms. Last year, Jay’s debut ‘Video’ earned the attention of local BBC specialist shows who heavily supported the track. This was quickly picked up by Radio 1 for their BBC Introducing playlist, earmarking Jay as a future star about to emerge from the UK and soon after, they invited her to Glastonbury to perform where she shared the stage with other upcoming talent such as George Ezra and Daughter. Determined to perfect her sound and hone her skills, Jay retired to the country where she focused on developing her debut EP, here; she began working closely with Dan Smith who was taken by her talent and invited her to support Bastille on their UK tour.


Fast-forward to 2014 and Jay Brown finds herself a well-rounded and cultured singer-songwriter that has the dexterity and promise to stand the test of time. Forthcoming single ‘We Are The People’, set for release on 16th June, perfectly showcases Jay’s knack for delivering an instantly infectious tune that is layered with rhythmic, wistful vocals that makes for an engaging listen and wonderful insight into what you can expect from her debut album (slated for release early next year).


Jay Brown will be playing at the following gigs this summer:

Dot To Dot Festival, Nottingham – Saturday 25th May

‘We Are The People’ single release party – The Islington, Angel – Wednesday 18th June

Huw Stephens showcase at The Social – Tuesday 8th July

The Lexington supporting Annie Eve – Monday 21st July

For further information please contact:

Kate Head: [email protected]pr.com/ 020 7841 7090

Victoria McLennan: [email protected]/ 020  7841 7089

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