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Money For Rope “Misery Lane”/”Ten Times”

Money For Rope

We’re not happy. Well, we are, but Brighton sure as fuck ain’t helping us out in this respect. What’s with the rain, dudes? You had one job, Brighton. One fucking job. And that was to be sunny and warm and happy, thereby allowing us to stop and have opportunistic chitty-chats with people that we’ll make borderline- empty promises to hang out with at some point this weekend (hey, they started it. We’re just finishing it. We all just want to get out of the bloody rain, right?). Anyway, it’s cool. Kinda. For today is meeting day and for the most-part this does not require us to move from this spot that we’ve parked ourselves at within the Palace Of Pain that is the Queen’s Hotel. Will from Believe Recordings is on his way to sign our bro ESSE for a thingy that we’ll blurt on about later; on that note, Sam was sitting right here about five minutes ago, and now we dunno where he is. Could be a deal-breaker. We reckon we should be done with the legit-biz bits and bobs by about, say, 8ish. Then the real games begin, and Team Killing Moon is here to play hard. We’re not nearly as dishevelled as we thought we might be at this point, given that we found ourselves booming it up at the second-ever Kings Sessions with our mateys at Live Nation till about, dunno, maybe one in the morning? And there was a very good reason for it, given that our headliners, and co-incidentally our Track Of The Dayers for this miserable goddamned rainey-ass afternoon, Money For Rope gave us a show that we ain’t never did see before. They are Australian. They have two drummers. Usually, those two accolades should be enough for you lot to start foaming in your A&R-ish mouths, but if that wasn’t enough, the musical penmanship alluding to a metaphysical bridge between Jim Morrison vis-a-vis The Doors and Cold War Kids coming into existence should seal the proverbial deal for youse. So, y’know, you should probably check em out if you happen to be in the same geographical location as us from today; for they play The Tube at 5.30pm and The Hope at 8.30pm today (Thursday), followed by Madeira Shelter Hall at 12.15pm as well as Bermuda Triangle at 7.45pm tomorrow (Friday). Which is nice. Avert your eyes from whatever bollocks you’re gazing as right now and imbibe this clip for these most-righteous tracks called Misery Lane and Ten Times. Jeah.


Money For Rope – Misery Lane


Money For Rope – Ten Times


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