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Release: Honours Announce Debut Single Via Killing Moon

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It’s getting to the point where we feel like we’re announcing a new release every week these days; one small part of us feels rather guilty about this high release output accolade. It’s a little bit like crushing the Tinder game so much – although (we imagine) you’re not doing anything particularly wrong by queuing up all the, um, bands you fancy to have your way with them in a seemingly cascading order – you begin to feel like a wrong-un regardless for reasons pertaining to an inane sense of morality that only a true lad wouldn’t have such a hard time coming to terms with. We’ve never really been a lad; just that lads like having us around as a make-shift mascot. We care very deeply about every single artist we’re lucky to work with. Every single one. It’s almost as much a blessing as it is a curse that there just happens to be so many new kids on the proverbial block that we’re able to become emotionally attached to in the ostensible quest we’ve charged ourselves with to construct the soundtrack of our meandering life experiences. However, we justify this by being able to make the bold statement that at least we are able to work in some capacity with all the artists that we just fucking feel like getting involved with given that they do have the ability to still make us feel something in this musical game of smoke and mirrors; London power indie-rock gang Honours fit perfectly into this description. We first got an email-based wind (or four) about these guys towards the tail-end of last year. Our first personal encounter which resulted in bro-out hugs, chest-bumps, and a fuck-ton of overpriced cocktail-smashing (although we’re forever grateful for being introduced to that Cuban bar in Central London regardless) took place shortly thereafter, and the deal was done. A most-righteous show in January with Laurel and Fickle Friends took place shortly after that; then a tour with Twenty One Pilots where we could witness the fired-up rocked-out version of what we like to call Gary Barlow shit (and if you’re thinking of knocking that, consider for a moment that the guy actually knew how to write a fucking tune, as is the case here) in the live context. So, after all that, we’re finally pleased as punch to announce we will be releasing Honours‘ debut single-proper which goes by the name of August on Monday 12th May on limited 7″ vinyl and digital download. Which is pretty soon, right? S’how we roll. Shows, news, and stuff by way of a wonderfully-put-together press release can be imbibed below…

[Click here to pre-order August on 7″ vinyl]

[Click here to pre-order August on iTunes]


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[Click here to pre-order August on 7″ vinyl]

[Click here to pre-order August on iTunes]

“Honours are a band worth getting VERY excited about.” – When The Gramophone Rings

“Packed with luscious pop melodies and tones.” – Scientists Of Sound

Upon the late-2013 release of their track Ready To Run, Honours had the Internet a-buzz with talk of a mysterious new band that sounds like the future.

The months to follow would reveal little else about the band other than their growing legions of supporters and a quirky video for Ready To Run premiered by the NME. Now the band returns with their incredible follow-up, August, which will be released digitally & 7” vinyl through Killing Moon on 14th April.


August’ follows in the anthemic footsteps of debut Ready To Run, but adds an even higher level of maturity and songwriting prowess, resulting in an incredibly catchy, evocative track that you should expect to be hearing at festivals all summer.

B-side ‘Blue Light’ shows the band’s softer, more stripped-back side, truly highlighting Steve Hughes’ incredible vocals. The wonderfully unique video was premiered 22nd of March by Adam NOT Eve.


The single launch will be at The Barfly on 13th May, following up the band’s recent tour with Twenty One Pilots and Prides. You can also catch them on the live dates below:

9th May: The Great Escape – Killing Moon Stage

10th May: The Great Escape – The Prince Albert

13th May – London Barfly w/ Sons & Lovers

Honours are:

Steve Hughes – Guitar/Vox

Ed Carlile – Drums

Andrew McConkey – Bass/Vox

Press enquiries: [email protected]

Radio enquiries: [email protected]





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