“Thomas, WV”/”Lux”


It’s quite possible we’ll have to lay off the sauce for a bit. There was no need to go out yesterday. No need at all. The fuck were we thinking. Whatever degree of self-control we’ve managed to maintain this last month, thereby allowing us to function like the computer that Chloe Roberts likes to make us to be to all concerned, has completely diminished this day. We’re just a little bit fucked. We’ll be alright. We managed to boss it around with one of our buddies in Radio On for at least a couple of hours and bopped along to one of many, many locals in the Highgate in order to embrace this delicious sunshine currently on offer in London’s skyline. We managed to be sociable by way of offloading our latest mindfuck to our buddy for a good couple of hours, before the proverbial work horn was honked and we then promptly found parked on our living room sofa dealing with everything from distribution arrangements (turns out records don’t actually release themselves, contrary to popular belief) to some light massive-contract reading. We mean, come on guys. Give us something hard to do. In the meanwhile we managed to check out the latest indie superheroes-in-waiting as slung our way by Rob Turnham himself, which just so happens to be in form of Swedish emotive indie rockers ALBERT. They’re definitely a “they”, as opposed to a “he”. We checked and everything. Not one of these guys is called Albert. Fact. Deal with it. Anyway, that’s the extent of our otherwise in-depth knowledge base of these dudes. We have also deduced that this, to us of course, sounds like Damien Rice boshing with Sebadoh boshing further with Grandaddy, all clad in the language and delivery that avid fans of Travis and/or Snow Patrol would likely understand. How very clever of us, and coincidentally them. Get on this double-whammy.

ALBERT – Thomas, WV


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