Looks press shot 1

Release: Looks Announce Debut Single Everest Via Killing Moon

Looks press shot 1

What the hell were we even doing last November? Searching for “Looks” on our rather antiquated blog search bar is pretty useless – November is indeed the month in which we first wrote about the very-much-an-online-entity-at-the-time’s first offering – so instead going in for Everest takes us back to that hallowed first encounter back in those bitter winter months. For sure, they must have been bitter. The first line of the respective blog post says “we feel like our world is ending”. Dark times yo. Reading a little further into it, we’re implying in the strongest possible way that Looks‘ music may well be key to our sobering salvation. We went to see the guys in an arch-shaped rehearsal space somewhere near our old stomping ground of Mile End a couple of months back. Label Assistant Ross came along for the ride because he said he really liked that song too. We met ’em. We watched ’em. We loved ’em, mainly for the rad-as-hell and toiter-than-toite rhythmically-orientated electro-pop-power-rock that has come to define a great deal of the first half of 2014 for us. We offered to sign ’em straight away, which is kinda the way we operate these days, or at least according to a lot of feckless managers that like to try it on with us as if we do at least. We chucked em into the live mix by inviting the band to perform at our first-ever King’s Head Sessions last month, as well as some spicy tour dates with homebrews Sons & Lovers – which is indeed kicking off, like, from tomorrow. Anyway, we’ll cease the blathering and get to the point: we are mega-chuffed to announce we will release Looks‘s debut single, which just had to be Everest (as, um, “premiered” by This Is Fake DIY yesterday. Cheers dudes!) on Monday 23rd June 2014 on limited-edition yellow 7″ vinyl and digital download. Feast your eyes on the press release and come see these guys live.

[Click here to pre-order Everest on 7″ vinyl]

[Click here to pre-order Everest from iTunes]


Everest packshot


[Click here to pre-order Everest on 7″ vinyl]

[Click here to pre-order Everest from iTunes]

“Everest comes on like a less bugged-out take on Late Of The Pier’s ‘Bears In

The Wood’ colliding with the soaring melodies of The Temper Trap.” NME

 “Echo-drenched and moody to the bone, true to its title this song climbs and climbs until it’s king of the world.” Fake DIY

Looks are a brand new three piece based in London. Their broad pool of influences brings electro clash vocals, smooth guitar licks, pop synths and world music rhythms together effortlessly, to create a distinct sound of their own.

The trio posted initial recordings online in late 2013 and received glowing reviews from a number of respected blogs and tastemakers including Killing Moon (WUT) and Fake DIY.

With a debut show packed to the rafters in March at The Old Blue Last, NME Radar mention and their debut single to be released in May, Looks will undoubtedly be attracting a lot more attention in the coming months.

  Looks will be releasing their single ‘Everest’ on 23rd June through Killing Moon  Records

Looks will be performing live on the following dates:

  Saturday 3rd  May:  Sons  & Lovers support @ Think Tank, Newcastle

Friday 9th  May: The Great Escape @ The Mezmerist, Brighton

Saturday 10th  May: The Great Escape @ Sticky Mikes, Brighton

Sunday 11th  May: Sons  & Lovers support @ The Unit, Southampton

Tuesday 13th  May: Sons & Lovers support @ The Barfly, London

 For further information please contact:

 Management: [email protected]

Radio:  [email protected]

Online:  [email protected]

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