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Second Stab: Cold Ocean Lies
“Fade” / Cheerleader
“Perfect Vision” / San Mei

round two 1

Whatta weekend. You know what’s worse than being hungover? Being hungover, and not having any sleep. Well, to be fair, we did get a three solid hours in following witnessing Racing Glaciers boom it up real hard at Koko at, dunno, 1ish in the morning, followed by sticking around for a little while because we got given some drinks tokens (and by gum golly gosh did we ever use em); having to rise at 6.30am was really not that great. It was probably for a good cause though. Our chums over at Generator thought that it would be amusing to have us come up to Newcastle for 11am to talk to their ostenisble students of the musical arts (commonly referred to as musicians) to talk about, well, stuff. What it is all about. How do kids get famous these days. So really we just gave these dudes an insight about how we generally go about thinking about things and then doing them, and in reciprocation these dudes seemed awfully clued up about how to get a buzz going anyway. Basically, we got schooled. This is not an uncommon occurence. Then there was Alkaline Trio at The Forum. We felt pretty drunk due to fatigue by the time that we arrived at The Forum at circa 8.30pm (yes, this means that we travelled to Newcastle and back in a day. This is the second time we’ve done this. We’re mental), but this did not stop us for being actual-drunk a bit later on. Cool. Anyway. Music. New stuff from people we’ve chatted about before. Let’s go.

Cold Ocean Lies

Big up, these guys. We like em. We might have mentioned this before, but we absolutely adore guitar bands that refuse to wear anything other than a truly volcanic black ensemble – and in this respect Cold Ocean Lies are leading the Birmingham charge of the darkly aesthetic. Whereas previous debut-ish offerings The Game and Wasted get to grips with the grungier end of the Smashing Pumpkins spectrum, newer-ish effort Fade is not only a bold step into the big wide world of legit musical production, but also into the sonic realms that The Cure and Placebo seem to operate in and generally dominate. But this is a contender. We love it. Embrace the build and ride it out all the way through.

Cold Ocean Lies – Fade


It wouldn’t really be a normal Second Stab (then again, what is normal anymore?) if we weren’t talking about trueborn sunblazers Cheerleader in some capacity. Seems these guys have been busy. Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeal busy. They’ve got a single coming out (we think) and we’re guessing this is the track we’re currently writing about called Perfect Vision which those Neon Gold guys bigged up a little while ago. It’s almost as if we don’t have a choice but to prop this up, for two reasons – firstly, we’ve been emailed by at least four different people asking in various capacities to get involved with this (sorry about the lateness in responding chaps, but in our defence we have been busy); secondly, previous jobby New Daze was generally the soundtrack to our last summer, and given the M83-smashing-with-Eye Emma Jedi crush that this track subjects our ears to generally, it is entirely likely that this bugger looks set to the same. Check em out in London and a bit of Brighton when they’re over for shows in the first half of May.

Cheerleader – Perfect Vision

San Mei

We remember San Mei as the sassy Australian lady that our buddy James Cox operates with. In terms of releasing records. Which is nice. What’s even nicer that that Miss Mei has gone ahead and announced the release of new single Wars via Tidal Wave on 12th May. That’s kinda soon. The best news ever is that this track is legit. If you’re into other such legit stuff as Grimes-style musical production coupled with a Lykke Li-style vocal delivery, then this may well be your thing.

San Mei – Wars

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