Festival + Release: Killing Moon Stages & Compilation For Great Escape 2014


Now, from time to time, our memory is sketchy at best. We forget shit all the time. Names, dates, places, how to pronounce certain words like “apparel”, how much people owe us, how much we owe other people. We forgot to switch on a single pre-order once having spent about two months working on (what is commonly referred to in this line of work) the campaign ahead of announcement. It happens. But we are very thuddingly certain of right now is that this is the first time we’ve done a festival stage announcement in tandem with a release. Feels good. REAL good. So, what’s all this shit about, we think-hear you thunk-saying. We’ll break it down for yuh. Firstly, we are putting on (again, probably for the first time) our very own Killing Moon stage at this year’s Great Escape Festival in our spiritual-musical home of Brighton on Friday 9th May (and we’re absolutely sure of that date now, smart-arses). Secondly, we are buddying up with chums The Recommender, Gold Dust, Knew Knowledge and Music Robot for the annual Blog Up all-dayer stage on Saturday 10th May, funnily enough at the same festival and in the same town. The line ups are dope. The noise shall be loud. The beer shall be plentiful. The people shall be many. The stress levels shall be high. Ally’ll be knocking about as well. Shit, we’ve even got badges for the Blog Up stage as well. Observe these wonderfully constructed posters that we done-got made up for both of these buggers…

KM stage poster

Blog Up POSTER 3

Oh yeah, both of these are completely free entry. They don’t cost diddly-squat. Don’t worry ’bout it. Just come along.

There was a third thing. We’re over the fucking moon to finally announce that we have teamed up with our friends over at Generator and Key Production to bring you lot The Tipping Point compilation exclusively for The Great Escape 2014. We picked some bands appearing at the festival that we really think you should hear, they picked some other bands that similarly they reckoned you should check out as well; that’s kinda just the way we operate. Joe and co over at Generator have rather usefully put together this-here press release to explain just what the hell we’re blathering on about given that our articulation has dimished due to the giddy-as-a-schoolgirl-at-their-first-valentines-disco that has possessed our minds due to all of this. The compilation will generally be available in all delegate bags being given away upon registration at the festival, but we’re gonna grab a whole bunch to give away at our stages as well. Everyone loves free shit, y’know? Especially good free shit like this. Anyway. Goes like this:

CDDF-6P1P-002 (design draft_CS6)

The Tipping Point and Killing Moon Compilation


Generator’s Tipping Point blog has joined forces with Killing Moon and Key Production for this year’s must-have CD compilation, available exclusively to industry delegates and showcase attendees at The Great Escape.

 The Tipping Point unearths the best new music via a unique Tippers Network of reliable tastemakers across the UK. Tips are featured five days a week, with thousands of music industry figures receiving fortnightly email roundups.

 Killing Moon started life as a new music blog in 2011 and has rapidly expanded into one of the UK’s leading tastemaker blogs, labels, management companies and live promoters. In 2012 Killing Moon completed a deal with Turn First Artists/Universal Music Group to serve as its artist development platform.

 Key Production are a well known music manufacturer established in 1990. They specialise in all types of music packaging, which includes CDs, DVDs, Vinyl Records, all associated printed parts, special packaging, band merchandise, as well as digital downloads and just about anything else in between you could imagine through sister company Think Tank Media!

The sought-after CD contains tracks from The Tipping Point and Killing Moon artists playing The Great Escape:

 Fickle Friends / / Racing Glaciers / Blessa / Sons & Lovers / Max Marshall / Honours

Bridie Jackson and The Arbour /Looks / Gallery Circus / John J Presley / D/C

About the compilation, Ach Dhillon from Killing Moon says,

Since meeting Joe Frankland at Generator a long, long time ago in a ‘toon far, far away, I’ve come to know Generator as the purveyors of all musical-things good and new in North England and greatly admire their ethos of educating and generally supporting new talent from that area as much as they can. Self-enablement and learning about the various facets within the music industry is at the core of what Killing Moon does, so as you can imagine we get on pretty well! I’m delighted Killing Moon, Generator and Key Production have buddied up on this compilation for Great Escape with the aim of showcasing what we see as some of the best new artists around, and look forward to doing similar projects with these guys in the future.


Joe Frankland from Generator says,

“We’re very fortunate at Generator to have dedicated members of our Tippers Network – those with their ears to the ground and a thirst for music discovery. Sharing our ethos for championing new music and developing artists to their full potential, Ach and the guys at Killing Moon are among our most reliable Tippers so it’s a pleasure to work together on such a strong CD compilation. Thanks to Key Production, every single conference delegate will be given an exclusive 12-track compilation, allow industry guests to check out the cream of the crop at The Great Escape.”

Tracey Hunt, Key Production Marketing Manager says,

“Key Production has always championed independent artists and labels. To Key, The Tipping Point is part of that process, creating that magic moment when new music comes alive! Key is proud to be part of this and helping to co-design and manufacture this year’s CD, which we think compliments and brilliantly illuminates the new talent the Tipping Point showcases”.

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  1. Mattie Bennett

    Key Production gave me my first shot in the music industry. The fools! Mwahahahaha! I’m joking of course, they are good peoples. I owe my career to those guys.

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