Release: John J Presley Announces Debut Single Via Killing Moon


Right. We’re getting a little bit fed up with people barging us out of the way and spilling the beans on our releases before we’ve had a chance to announce them. We don’t care if you’re Zane freaking Lowe or not giving it all your Next Hype this and big-ass rekkid that (well, we actually do quite a lot, but humour us here much in the same way as we’re attempting to you right now). WE WANNA SAY IT FIRST. When’s that gonna happen? Shit yo. Anyway. What are we talking about? Oh yeah, John J Presley. We go way back with The Prez. Having met our current-day sister-bro Danielle Perry some years back when we worked for the one label in the world that really didn’t seem that interested in releasing any records, the long and short of it was that we stayed in touch as buddies tend to do. Some years later, Dani rocks up with possibly the strongest-looking chappy we ever did see – a tall bearded gentleman, who seemed into his bluesy rock and roll and a shirt/suit motif in equal measure and possessing a softly-tinged Birmingham accent that made our head full of happy thoughts – and asked if we could put the man himself on at one of our ramshackle shows at The Bull & Gate back in the day when that was allowed. We thought it was a great idea. It happened. Then a lot more stuff happened; to both The Prez and his crew, and ourselves in general. Much in a similar way to the aforementioned occurrence of the man’s first show, a year-and-a-bit later following support slots with the likes of Band Of Skulls, The Jim Jones Revue, Wet Nuns, Dolomite Minor and a bunch of other kindred spirits, the idea crept up: should we release a record together? Sure, we thought. The fuck not. So that was that, and this is now this. We’re pleased as punch to be releasing John J Presley‘s debut single Left on Monday 26th May on hand-packaged CD wallets and digital download, and he’s also got some more shows coming up so you can see what all the hoo-hah is about. Press release time. Engage.

[Click here to pre-order Left on CD Wallet]

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[Click here to pre-order Left on CD Wallet]

[Click here to pre-order Left from iTunes]

John J Presley is an English gent with a penchant for fuzz. Sonically a modern day Tom Waits with a full back catalogue of Kills records, and a nod to the songwriting mastery of Nick Cave. It is a story of breaking the mould, a love affair with tone, a strict discipline and desire to create something a bit different.

Some say  think Jack White meets Tom Waits. We say it is its own beast. Alongside the unmistakable guitar tone of Presley are driving bass lines from a Fender Rhodes, warm vocal harmonies and thick drones from their  harmonium.

John and his band have already been on tour with the likes of the Jim Jones Revue on their  last UK tour and shared stages with Band of Skulls, Wet Nuns,  Dolomite Minor, TOY and Joe Gideon and the Shark to name a few.

John J Presley will be releasing his single ‘Left’ on 26th  May through Killing Moon Records

John J. Presley will be performing live on the following dates:

Tuesday April 22nd: X-Posure Live with John Kennedy (XFM) w/The Amazing Snakeheads @ Camden Barfly.

Saturday 3rd  May:  Live at Leeds @ Faversham.

Friday 9th  May: The Killing Moon Party at the Great Escape, Mesmerist, Brighton (free-entry).

For further information please contact: Radio: Steph Seager / [email protected]et PR: Ross Harris / [email protected]m

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