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Release: Fickle Friends Announce New Single
“Play” Via Killing Moon


If you know us, and chances are if you’re reading this shit you probably do in some capacity, you’ll know how we feel about Brighton. Thems our peoples. An affinity was born in our minds for the coastal town of joy some time ago when we worked for a now-relegated Universal frontline label and we had to go check out a band called The Blueskies (oh yeah, Kel, if you’re reading this we will check out those thingies you sent us at some point, promise) – who, incidentally, had a great track called Royal Blood which may well blow your mind in reference to a certain fast-rising hard rockin’ two-piece from a similar locality. Anyway, things didn’t work out for us working at an actual label, and given that we’ve been known to be particular overzealous/tenacious/downright fucking stubborn about such things, about a year later we decided we wanted to play record label, much to our own expense/detriment/liberal use of our law school living grant by way of training contract and just went ahead and put out the aforementioned band’s record anyway. This pattern of frigging around with the lives of Brightonian bands – or indeed, Brightonians in general – hasn’t really let up, given that we have released records from the likes of Verses and Holland over the recent past, as well as having an outright obsession with the annual Great Escape. So, really, it’s only right and proper, as well as to our unbelievable delight, that we announce the release of our new Brighton bro-dogs Fickle Friends, which just happens to be a stonker of a new single called Play. You may have heard of these guys already. They generously donated a track to our first compilation release way back a million years ago at the start of 2014 by the name of Swim, which subsequently got bigged up by some guys called Pitchfork. Which is nice. They also appreciate Nandos nearly as much we do, although they have yet to successfully complete or indeed initiate the wing roulette challenge which, in our mind, sorts the real people from the pusswahs. Anyway. If you’re into your linguistically and melodically-articulate indie-pop, then really you’d be a bit of a dick not to get behind this. Oh, did we not mention it’s also out today? Yeah, you can download it right now. Pretty neat huh? Anyway. Press release time.



Fickle Friends


“True to its title with buoyant rythmns, whirring synths and squeaky-clean girl/boy harmonies” – The Line Of Best Fit

“Pop that doesn’t pander” – Pigeons & Planes

“One of those gems” – Hilly Dilly 

This year on January 2nd, whilst a fair percentage of the planet were covered in snow or just freezing, Brighton’s Fickle Friends warmed hearts as they introduced themselves, and debut single SWIM; their own brand of luscious, summer drenched 80’s synth pop. Less than 3 months gone, a soundcloud building past 350K hits, these wonder kids are back with a brand new offering in track “PLAY.”  The single will be instantly available via Killing Moon Records.

Following on from their 1st single which has seen them become one the the most blogged new artists of 2014, the band felt it right to go with PLAY.  “We chose PLAY as lyrically it’s kind of a follow on from SWIM.  We also wanted to release something that contrasted with our first single musically” explains lead vocalist Natti Shiner and added “It’s a little more fragile in parts, but also a bit more…. playful.”

“’PLAY is about seeing someone who’s losing their passion. It’s a continuation of the characters from SWIM. She’s getting nostalgic as he becomes less interested in everything.”

FF gig

To launch the single, the band will be hosting a single release party at The Shacklewell Arms in Dalston (London) on April 9th before they spring into festival mode leading into the summer.  You can catch them perform at The Great Escape, Liverpool Sound City & Secret Garden Party. Check those dates, along with a few other shows added below:

Live dates:


09 – The Shacklewell Arms (London) (buy tickets)

19 – Springtide Festival (Gosport)

25 – The Boileroom (Guildford)

26 – Jailhouse (Hereford)


01 – Sixty Million Postcards (Bournemouth)

02 – Kazimier, Liverpool Sound City (Liverpool)

03 – Wardrobe, Live at Leeds (Leeds)

04 – City Sound Project (Canterbury)

09 – The Great Escape – The Green Door Store (Brighton)


20 – Lainfest

Fickle Friends are Natassja (Natti) Shiner [Vox/Synth,] Sam Morris [Drums,] Harry Herrington [Bass/Backing Vox,] Chris Hall [Guitar] & Jack Wilson [Synth/Backing Vox]

Further information on Fickle Friends:

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