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Cold Ocean Lies
“Wasted Time”/”The Game”

Cold Ocean Lies

Today we woke up, more awake than we have felt in years. That’s an Alkaline Trio lyric. Look em up. They make sense to us. Since feeling light in our head and dead on our feet ever since we got back from Austin and for the best part of a fortnight – we hadn’t planned on being that run down, but we have since developed an appreciation of late how life generally doesn’t seem to give a fuck about your plans or indeed your best intentions – we were positively sprinting around like we know how to crush this game once more. Given that you lot clearly don’t mind us systematically using other band’s lyricism in terms of accommodating an expression of what goes on in our day to day life, we’re just going to go ahead and quote the bearded musical behemoth that is Manchester Orchestra in terms of our latest life-revelation – we’ve got friends in all the right places; we know what they want, and we know that they want us to stay. On that note, our good buddy and general homebrew who shall not be mentioned – who, for all shapes and purposes, should really be listed as our official tipster seeing as the bugger gets quite a few by us, and given how allegedly elitist we are when it comes to this blog that is no small feat – has slung this lot called Cold Ocean Lies our way. Which is nice of him. Because the music is pretty rock-solid, with an emphasis on the rock, and the chosen track titles feel like they have some relevance to us given recent goings-on. They are from Birmingham. Yes, Birmingham. Home of such fast-rising stalwarts of that early 90’s guitar-music genre revivalism we’ve been hearing so much about lately, like ya Peace and like ya Jaws and that. This has almost certainly got a Siamese Dream-era Smashing Pumpkins taste to it though. And maybe a l’il bit of Royal Blood-style balls-out rock and/or roll, particularly with Wasted Time. And Symposium. We like all that kinda shit. Get into it, and have a wonderful weekend.

Cold Ocean Lies – The Game

Cold Ocean Lies – Wasted Time

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