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Release: Ms D Announces Debut EP Release Via Killing Moon

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“Every man for himself”. We can guarantee that more or less everybody involved in this line of work has thunk those precise thoughts, whether more aligned to the industry side or the artistry side. At least we know there are sides, alluding to what theme we’re generally trying to bang on about here. Adversity. The abolition of one’s confidence in the often-draining progression against one’s peers and, on the odd occasion, friends. Survival. Perseverance. Crawling through a mile of shite and attempting to come out squeaky clean at the other end, if we’re getting all Shawshank about it. Fuck, we know that’s not just limited to our own self-absorbed world of music, mischief, madness and mayhem; indeed the very notion of adolescence, which in this day and age seems to last well into an individual’s mid-to-late 20’s (speaking for ourselves, we guess, but we’ve definitely seen it in others), is underpinned by this precise concept. We first came across Ms D around about the same time we got real chummy with manager Derek Amedume circa late 2012/early 2013. We often find it remarkable that two individuals who are quite different in terms of their musical tastes – we’re often considered a rock/indie kid young adult, whereas D-rock is very much into his beats and urban hymns – could get on quite so well. Perhaps we both figured out we could learn a lot from each other. Anyway, soon after this Derek asked our opinion on something he was working on: a writer we only knew as Ms D, who had something to do with WileyRita Ora and Conor Maynard, was gearing up to become an artist proper and had some demos to be heard. An EP’s worth of tracks later, and we found ourselves losing our shit to a track called My Pen; the track with the aforementioned lyric alluding to the above-subject matter. The song itself contained themes essentially equating to quite how difficult it can be for an person to attempt pursuit of their true ambitions, for fear of eventualities such as rejection, or, as has been the case several times in the past for us personally (and in all likelihood will happen again in the future), trying something and giving that something everything you have, only to have the whole thing blow up in your face with little-to-nothing that you can actually do about it. In fact, these notions contained within the track, and the rest of the compositions that has now become known as the Resonance EP, are very much the reason we started Killing Moon in the first place. It is ours and nothing can ever change that. Given all this and the strong degree of empathy that it conveys to us, we absolutely had to get involved with Ms D – and we’re are delighted to be able to finally announce that we will be releasing the Resonance EP on 28th April in digital download and CD format which are now available for pre-order. This will be preceeded by reeling off My Pen as a digital single in its own right on 21st April. You can see the spectacular video for My Pen, directed by the ever-brilliant Chris Bristow, below given that we’ve been given the all-clear to share bugger around following it’s premiere by online big-boys The Guardian this afternoon. Oh, and it’s currently B-listed at BBC 1Xtra. Which is nice. Heed the words of this-here press release, and for the love of science come and see a show in April.



Resonance EP packshot


SINGLE: ‘My Pen’ released on 21st April

EP: ‘Resonance’ released on 28th April

via Killing Moon Records




Introducing the multi-talented 22 year old singer-songwriter Ms D, who in spite of never having released a note of her own material to date has already amassed five top 10 hits to her name.

Ms D initially earned her kudos collaborating with Chipmunk, (including singing on the no. 1 smash ‘Oopsy Daisy’), before going on to become the go-to girl for Wiley’s last three hits which she co-wrote and performed on – namely, ‘Heatwave’, ‘Can You Hear Me?’ and ‘Reload’. Writing Sessions with the likes of Iggy Azalea (for whom she wrote the hook for ‘Bounce’), Conor Maynard and Rita Ora amongst others followed.

Inspired by artists ranging from Imogen Heap and Taylor Swift through to Rascal Flatts and Brandy, Ms D draws on a broad range of influences – from pop and urban through alternative and country music to film soundtracks – when writing and recording her own music.

Ms D – Shoot Me With The Truth

This April will see Ms D make her solo debut with the release of her ‘Resonance’ EP on Killing Moon Records. A kalediscope of soundscapes, Resonance in an impressively diverse and emotive body of work, from the bass heavy ‘Inner City Life’ reminiscent lead track ‘My Pen’ and the movingly candid ‘I Don’t Know’ through to triumphant and melodic ‘Sunrise’,  the celtic-tinged closer ‘Goodnight & Goodbye’ and the cinematic opening track ‘Shoot Me With The Truth’, which has already been picked up on by several tastemaking blogs.

Prior to the release of the Resonance EP, Ms D will be supporting folk pop singer-songwriter Gossling on her upcoming London show, and soul legend Angie Stone for her nationwide UK tour in April.

Ms D will be releasing her single ‘My Pen’ on 21st April and her ‘Resonance’ EP on 28th April through Killing Moon Records

Ms D will be performing live on the following dates:

Thursday 27th March: Gossling support @ Gold Dust, London Hoxton Bar & Kitchen

Monday 21st April: Angie Stone support @ Brighton Concorde 2

Tuesday 22nd April: Angie Stone support @ London Shepherds Bush Empire


Thursday 24th April: Angie Stone support @ Bristol Colston Hall

Friday 25th April: Angie Stone support @ Newcastle Hoochie Coochie 

Sunday 20th April: Angie Stone support @ Birmingham The Drum


For further information please contact:

Kate Head (020 7841 7090020 7841 7090/ [email protected])

Victoria McLennan (020 7841 7089020 7841 7089/ [email protected])

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