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Sun Club
“Beauty Meat”

Sun Club

How’s your weekend been? Yeah? Pretty, prettaaaaaaay good? Ours has been pensive as hell. We’ve got some big decisions to make, ostensibly relating to how we choose to handle certain situations and therein deciding their outcome. It’s a kinda fight-or-flight thing. Summer fun or winter blues. You know the drill. This is probably the first Sunday in a while whereby we’re coming at you from the comfort of our own bed-fortress (for those of you who don’t know, our chosen sleeping platform is indeed very platform-esque, and a raised one at that. You actually need to climb several steps – actual steps – to ascend to the bed-part. We have duly annointed this appendage the “stairway to heaven”. Just because it’s funny, and for no other reason, ya filthy-minded so-and-so’s) instead of instigating Work Club as we’ve been used to for the last couple of months. We’re pretty tired these days. We hung out with our beloved housemate Tim last night who unfortunately can relate only too well to this latest episode of uncertainty and periodic anxiety about what’s about to come up next in an ever-convoluted unfolding of some fucked up situations. We did reach the ostensible conclusion that we need action. Doing nothing for ourselves is for pussies. So we’re doing what we do best, which is making plans and stuff. Soundtracking our attempt to get-up-and-go rather than the disappear-into-the-night mentality we’ve had of late is Baltimore massive Sun Club. Rob Turnham, once again for that particular renegade master, told us about them the other day. We thought they were the same guys as that other-Sun-nomenclatured band that we can see everyone vibing out to of late, and who we haven’t gotten around to checking out just yet. But they are not. For the most part, Beauty Meat delivers a tropical undertone so upbeat that we are actually considering getting out of bed and doing stuff today. In fact, we’re going to do that right now. We’ll leave you to imbibe the Hot Hot Heat via Futureheads via previous-Track-Of-The-Dayers Shy Kids vibes that have permeated our person owing to this joyful little bugger. There’s also some Walkmen. Some Local Natives. It’s pretty cool.

Sun Club – Beauty Meat

This also be plenty-legit. Anyone remember Young Buffalo?

Sun Club – Spring Diamond

Sun Club – Cheeba Swiftkick

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