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Austin is currently like a tropical rainforest. It’s not cold. Oh no. It is warmer than any comforter that Vybz Kartel could conjure up. It is humid as fuck. It is also kind of raining at the same time, which for some reason given the sleep-deprived/food-starved/hanging like a bitch state that we’re currently in (and appear to have been in every since we arrived here) is affecting our person more than we reckon it usually would. It is almost as if the perpetual cloud that has settled into our cranium has manifested itself in real-form in the macro-world. Bummer. Admittedly, we found it very difficult to get out of bed this morning for this and a number of other reasons, but of course we have shit to do lest we are pulled down by the inherent guilt that ensues given the expense and effort it generally takes to get over to this neck of the woods in the first place. However, we simply couldn’t turn down a chance to hang with our email buddy Ryan Murphy; so one rather-expensive-but-for-some-reason-necessary-for-work phone call to London later, off we toddled to Cedar Door on Brazos to see a band from Los Angeles called Parade Of Lights, who due to our lack of overall forward-planning as far as SXSW in general is concerned we of course knew little-to-nothing about beforehand. As soon as they started playing, we were actually very happy we had got out of bed after all. Undeniably catchy and coupled with the lethal combination of incisive synth-alt-pop hooks and some of the strongest looking band member in the game leaves us with the firm impression that the UK, and the rest of the world generally, is going to bum this lot in a seriously loving kinda way in the very-near future. Dancing ensued. It was wonderful. Golden exemplifies the Naked & Famous via The 1975 soundscape that this band seem to want to occupy, and who do so in a rather confident manner we might add. Seriously. Don’t be a dick. Get to know.

Parade Of Lights – Golden




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