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Quite likely the most bizarre start today possible. For the most part, yesterday evening was fun – with the obvious exception of some fucking mental deciding it was a good idea to drink and drive near Mohawks (thanks for all the concerned messages from home by the way. We and ours are thankfully all okay, and our condolences to those affected by this god-awful thing). We had managed to bring balance to the fatigue/drinking/forgetting-to-eat-sufficient-amounts conundrum that has been bogging us down ever since we got to Austin; firstly by lucking out at the world-famous BBQ joint called Iron Works and getting a free mixed platter thingy (sorry Dems – we actually had to pretend to be you to acheive this wonderful accolade), next by bro-ing out with Phil Taggart, Josh Dalston, Ben Blackburn, Rob AJPR, Sam Faulkner and Ben Three Six Zero (these are all real people, FYI) at the Iron Cactus by way of digesting many forms of Mexican food. Clearly, we have a penchant for dining at places associated with iron, or metal in general. We also procured a sense of fulfilment by not dicking about and seeing more than a few great artists; one of which included witnessing Wild Ones delight all and sundry with their late-ish night performance at the ASCAP showcase. Once again, this was Sam Faulkner’s shout and he has just made a point of us having to credit him once more. All hail King Sam. They induce a wonderful calming element by way of Lets Buy Happiness, and if we hadn’t seen them in the flesh ourselves we’d swear to all and sundry that Sia is the lead vocalist in this Portland outfit. We’d love to write some more bits and bobs on them by way of plaudits, but we’ve just realised that we’ve got about five minutes to sort our shit out and head out for food – funnily enough, at the Iron Cactus again – then we’re toddling off to the Soundcloud showcase to let David Adams treat us like a lady for the day. Let’s just hope that all the good bits about yesterday repeat themselves, and all the shit bits don’t.

Wild Ones – Paia


And these. This Drake cover is actually better than the original.

Wild Ones – Curse Over Me

Wild Ones – Hold On, We’re Going Home

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