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Main Beach
“My Youth Again”

Main Beach

We’ll be honest – we just want to leave work right now. We mean, have you seen outside? London is baaaaaaaaaaaare drenched in sunsheeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiine right now and we wanna go out and play; especially following on from the weird-ass day we’ve had thus far. Although we promised Chris Duncan yesterday that we’d try to scale down our extent and frequency of whining – one of the few things we still hold dear and cherish, ironically – basically because it’s getting mundane. We’re inclined to agree. Anyway, we’re very nearly outta here, we’ve got a sweet weekend lined up, then we’re getting the hell out of the country to link up with our peeps and about 50 bazillion bands in Austin on Monday. PUMPED. Soundtracking the aforementioned sunny London evening (shit, it’s very nearly kinda warm as well. The actual fuck?) in the most appropriate manner are Australian peoples Main Beach and their scuzzed-out Track Of The Day My Youth Again for ultimate rejuvinating sonic plaudits as far as we’re concerned. It’s probably a good thing that Ben Soep has been rinsing the office stereo with the likes of Pavement recently, as we can see this sitting along side those guys rather comfortably. We’ll go ahead and add in more-recent-types Yuck for good measure, and The Drums to play along with the whole beach-surfcore aesthetic which is definitely present here. Press play and fade out already. Have a great weekend.

Main Beach – My Youth Again


Main Beach – Down By The Wall

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