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Jenny Broke The Window
“Rum ‘n’ Cola”

Jenny Broke The Window

It appears our not-drinking-during-the-week-policy, unexpectedly enacted last week in anticipation of the loadsa-shite we have/had on and the realisation that we can probably cope a lot better if we’re not hanging out of our balls all the time, has spilled into this week. It’s bloody great. We got up at the near-break of dawn to initiate our newly-reinvigorated exercise regime (we did that thing where we went for a jog a bunch of times at the start of the year, then our initial burst of feel-good enthusiasm took a nose dive following the eventual return to work) in an attempt to get real buff for Primavera. We wish we could say we’ll be as presentable as we’re hoping to be in May by this time next week, when we and our crime-fighting A&R guy Sam Faulkner will touch down in Austin to party hard and/or fuck shit up (we will probably see some bands in-between such generic activity) for all and sundry to bear witness to at SXSW 2014, but this is unlikely given that we’re eating a great deal these days owing to time actually permitting us to do so nowadays. We were also kinda hoping new-ish Australian gentlemen collectively referred to as Jenny Broke The Window would make an appearance at SXSW, on the basis that we’ve been mesmerised by spicy number Rum ‘n’ Cola for the last 24-ish hours ever since Rob Turnham felt the need to tell us all about them. We’re glad that he did. Hailing from Sydney and, from what we can tell, smashing up the music game over there by virtue of their recently-released eponymous EP from which our current Track Of The Day is taken. In fact, we’re finding it a little bit tricky to nail down musical citations by way of references around this. Of course we’ll fucking try anyway. Having thrown this to the KM floor (FYI only Ben is in today), we reckon this sounds like Foster The People merging with an Arcade Fire-style vocal mentality. Also we’ve written down that this could be a popped-up Maccabees, but we’re not sure if this came from our ramblings, or indeed Ben’s. We’ll never know.

Jenny Broke The Window – Rum ‘n’ Cola


Jenny Broke The Window – Wash Your Mouth

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