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Premiere: The Hearts

The Hearts

We’re at the family his-ouse on this not-as-grim-as-it-could-be overcast Sunday afternoon. Dad is pacing about anxious for us to get all of our shit out of the way so we can go and look at the weird-ass orchid exhibition at Kew Gardens; he having just reminded us that we need to re-do our car insurance, thereby shattering our recent dream-scenario of having dispensed with all of our automobile-related woes of late such as MOT tests and thuddingly-expensive car tax discs, has resulted in our Kew Gardens trip being delayed by that little bit longer. Mum is sitting opposite us tapping away on her laptop in a near mirror-imaged fashion to ourselves, and has indeed coined the term “work club” as soon as we walked through the familial front door which put a smile on our face seeing as we’ve only shared that term with one other person, which was most definitely not her. Anyway, mum’s just made us some stir-fried noodles, and having just updated her on the most-recent goings-on in our world – most notably the recent Sons & Lovers release and/or New Moons Tour announcement tethered onto that – we’re pretty much in Sunday heaven right now. Reminding us more than a bit of Sons & Lovers are new Welsh dudes The Hearts and this indie-rocking anthemic sonic boom called Lips, which we’re more than happy to premiere this afternoon. They’re pretty new, and therefore there really isn’t that much to go on at this point other than the sweet, sweet music and a chorus that should have XFM daytime playlists and British summer festivals beckoning for this lot to get the hell involved. Here’s what we’re thinking music-wise: other than the aforementioned comparison, this lands neatly somewhere in-between the electro-pop-rock stylings of The Killers and the more guitar-indie leaning tendencies of Stereophonics, as well as giving us nostalgic vibes alluding to Killing Moon alumni The Vestals along the way. Get into it, and standy-by for live dates.

The Hearts – Lips


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