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Walking On Cars
“Catch Me If You Can”

Walking On Cars

If there’s been one subjective theme to the week that has just passed us by, it is (to paraphrase a citation lifted from that that one song we actually know by prolific songwriter bloke(s) Cherry Ghost) people helping people. We’re gradually learning – and perhaps this is some sort of developmental stage in our now-long-gone adolescence that we managed to skip, probably because we were either struggling with some mode of academia or pining over a girl that didn’t like us as much as we liked them, or both or neither – that we can’t actually expect people to come to our rescue unless we tell them we need rescuing. That not everybody has an inane sense of empathy. Y’know, that sort of emo shite. Given that we were struggling to maintain our composure throughout what has been probably the most-testing 5 working days to date during our Killing Moon tenure, we’re pleasantly surprised at ourselves for being seemingly capable of having one of our best nights out of the year so far purely resting on our new-found ability to have a good time wherever we are with whoever we’re there with. We toddled on down to The Roundhouse to catch Prides, and a couple of others whose name we can’t really remember (yeah, you know how we do) for Generator’s Roundhouse Rising thingy and we were delighted to see a great deal of people that we haven’t seen in a great deal of time; and were seemingly as elated to see us as we were them. Go figure. Aptly-named Track Of The Day action in form of Catch Me If You Can by County Derry’s Walking On Cars. They are, according to several sources following on from a show in Cork a few days ago, a big deal. We understand that the band’s peoples are expert in getting real, and as a result of their realness-getting activity the rekkid label A&R top brass that descended upon said-Cork show tallied way into the double digits. Which is quite convenient given that probably none of the top-brassers wanted to go into work the day following the Brit Awards anyway and a nifty trip to Ireland might be just the trick to soothe them-there party wounds. Like moths to the flame. Well-played, ya jazzy big lifers. Anyway, let’s talk about the music shall we? OKAY. The commercial appeal of Walking On Cars is pretty clear – and perfectly justified we might add given their ability to construct near-flawless pop songs that neatly fits into an ever-evolving indie music conceptual sphere. For example, think about Haim and The 1975 if we took away their guitars and stuff. While you’re thinking about that, have another think about whether you agree with our comparisons of this to something along the lines of One Republic, Kodaline, and post-Infinity Land Biffy Clyro.

Walking On Cars – Catch Me If You Can

Oh, they released this new-ish number called Tick Tock recently and all. Right on. Get real.

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