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Neon Waltz
“Sombre Fayre”

Neon Waltz

Little bit deflated today, chaps and ladies. Probably inappropriate to go into any great detail – not that we feel we’re particularly regarded for divulging any useful insights into pretty much anything above and beyond the level of cryptic in this day and age – but suffice to say one of our peoples is not very well, and the whole outlook on things is not looking very good at all. Given that it is more or less a daily occurrence as far as we’re concerned to feel pulled apart in several directions both mentally and physically on a daily basis anyway, we’re surprised and somewhat disappointed in ourselves that we are seemingly unable to conjure up an extra, oh dunno, 4 hours out of our waking dailies to focus on such personal issues. Of course, it is quite typical for us to make someone else’s real-shit about us. We spent a sizable chunk of this morning with Team KM actually delegating (ugh) a bunch of stuff to our trusty work-fam – probably the first such eventuality in, well, ever – in an attempt to achieve said-magic-hour-conjuring. However, despite this, our shoulders still feel about 10 kilos heavier than normal. Then again, what’s normal? Suitable and appropriately-nomenclatured Track Of The Day action arriveth in form of Caithness crew Neon Waltz and their plinky-guitar tuned indie anthem Sombre Fayre. The first section of this song feels like our first few waking moments of today, and almost seasonal in terms of composition, specifically in regards to the band’s generous usage of organs and crash cymbal washing. On one hand, we’re thinking of Mumford & Sons buddying up with The Lightning Seeds to formulate the next cry-your-heart-out BBC Sport montage documenting England crashing out of the next World Cup (we’re not saying it will happen, just that it probably will); on the other, perhaps with more relevance to modern contemporaries, we’re getting something in between Band Of Horses, Glasvegas and The Vaccines.

Neon Waltz – Sombre Fayre

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