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Electric Litany
“Empty Sea”

Electric Litany

WHOO! This is one of those very, very rare days where we actually seem to be on top of our ever-growing mountain of shite (imagine that for a second. Go on – imagine. Pretty dark huh?) and thus able to get around to bits that we wish we had/really needed to a while ago. We’re cleaning up. Sorting it out. Nailing it. Hurrah. A ridiculous gig rekkie layeth in storeth for us this evening which will largely require us to traverse certain routes in and around the north-ish bit of central London – which normally we would not look forward to. However, our buddy Jon Mac just yesterday evening – when we were feeling iller than J Dilla, which prompted a relatively early evening which most likely resulting in our zesty lust for life that we’ve got going on right now – called us up all giddy as a schoolgirl who has just been tapped at the Valentine’s Disco asserting that because he has done such a good job with his Reading and/or Leeds Festival announcements thus far that Festival Republic are letting him book cabs tonight and not making him pay for them. Which is nice of him, and we guess vicariously them as well. Getting us all pumped up and in the mood for tonight are Greco-London outfit Electric Litany and their quite-frankly smashing bass-heavy indie anthem Empty Sea – in contrast to the song title, of course. We’re feeling pretty full at the moment, and we just ate. Anyhoo, our buddy John Rogers, with whom we had the great pleasure of talking shite about records we were being played at the last Amazing Radio panel we got involved with (his band won that particular session, as we recall, thus breaking our otherwise-perfect track record of getting our way all the time), sent this across to us a couple of days ago and OH OUR SCIENCE do we ever think it’s real good. Think of some hectic and somewhat politically-charged combination of Placebo, Joy Division, Interpol, Titus Andronicus and White Lies, and you’ll feel something similar to what we feel for these guys right now. Hold onto your butts for live show announcements in the coming months.

Electric Litany – Empty Sea

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