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Dog In The Snow

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Little bit brain-ferked today. It’s like our mind is melting away like little pieces of wet cake. Whilst the music industry world and seemingly all of its men, women and children were booming it up and presumably getting some sort of freak on watching Prince do his sexy thing at the Electric Ballroom last night – for why, we know not; and we mean that in regards to why he was performing there in the first place, rather than why so many people went along to see him (presumably he’s quite popular) – we got real familiar with the inner workings of the Hammersmith and Shitty line and got used to waiting a good 15 minutes to access the correct train on the Northern line. One and a half hours to get home. Yeah, we got our asses well and truly striked out by the tube people. Cool. Suffice to say we drove in today as we’d much rather spend time tutting at traffic and listening to our own bespoke Draper vs Rogue CD than feeling trapped underground. Anyway, yeah, we’re a bit irritable today. So here’s Brightonian lady Dog In The Snow charging to the fore atop a steed of “chill out man” with her recently-surfaced effort Factory, which also just happens to be our current Track Of The Day. James Cox (the younger, for we know two James Coxes, both from our stint at Queen Mary University Of London) slung this our way, for he is gearing up to release this very track via his cool-as-shit label Tidal Wave on 3rd March. James always had great taste in music, and we can tell you right now that this thing right here is no exception. Anyway, Dog In The Snow – or Helen Ganya as she might well like to be known as in the more personal context – seems to have a flair for the electronic burgeoning on the ethereal, which is as pleasant to the ears as it is thought-provoking to the mind. To elaborate, this exists on the same sort of lines that we’d imagine also encapsulates the likes of Kate Bush, Fever Ray, BjorkArcade Fire‘s Regine Chassagne, and there is a mighty smack of Bat For Lashes present here both in the sonic and aesthetic veins. Make sure you check out previous effort Fire In The Sky as well.

Dog In The Snow – Factory

Dog In The Snow – Fire In The Sky

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