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Andy Shauf
“I’m Not Falling Asleep”

Andy Shauf

Blimey. This week needs to end. Right now. Or yesterday. Despite how overzealous we are trying to be with our timetable – we’ve recently been observed remarking how our Google calendar resembles a fucking Lego brick wall (blue for us, green for Draper, red for Rogue, turquoise-green for Niteflights, and yellow for we-don’t-kn0w-what-the-bloody-hell-is-going-on) these day – interruptions can and usually do occur; to the point that we’re now finding we have to rely on them. Whatever happened to us having the power of saying no? Dunno. Anyway, with a head this full of impact dates, promo servicing, live plots, contractual negotiations, and generally setting aside the time that we need (but will never have) to actually get around listening to new tunes amongst the millions of other things that we have to get on with and can’t even remember right now; sleeping has taken a bit of a hit. Luckily for us, in regard to the new-music-listening bit, our buddy Ben Soep slung new-ish guy Andy Shauf our way recently and we cannot think of a more appropriate Track Of The Day than I’m Not Falling Asleep at this time. From what we hear, this Canadian chappy is on the up. He played last night in London apparently, but we were too busy playing Billy Big Bollocks at a new venue opening called Oslo in Hackney to find the time to slip away. Upon hearing this music now, we’re feeling a bit sorry for ourselves. As mournful as it is incisive, this track has all the progressive qualities that one might expect from say, Yaysayer or James Blake, particularly in terms of songwriting-prowess and production delivery – and it is coupled up with the emotive power that you’d usually associate with the likes of Eliot SmithMalcolm Middleton and Telekinesis. In fact, ironically, we may well come to rely on this sound to help us drift off in the wee hours of the morning. Hope it does the same trick for you if you’re having a similar problem.

Andy Shauf – I’m Not Falling Asleep

This is also legit.

Andy Shauf – You’re Out Wasting

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