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“Same Side”

Casket Girl

Well, bloody hell. That was mental. We’ve never done that before. Y’know, sold out a club show before. We didn’t do it all ourselves. We had help. Turns out that if you actually book bands that people want to see – in this case Laurel, Honours, Fickle Friends (fucking hell. These guys. THESE BLOODY GUYS), and the delightful Laura White – then people rather conveniently turn up to see them. And then some. Setting aside the somewhat mind-boggling mathematics of precisely how we managed to squeeze 273 into a 200-capacity venue (apologies, law), we had it suggested to us by several ostensible colleagues who also work in “the biz” that if we took the initiative we could have planted an incendiary device of some sort at the Camden Barfly and single-handedly wiped out the vast majority of the UK music industry in one go. But, we responded, who would we have to show off to if we were to be so cruel? Anyway. That was fun. Let’s do it again sometime – say, next month? Upon basking in our own glory we enjoyed a reflective plastic pint of Budweiser with Sam Faulkner (the man, not the legend, on this occasion) and deliberated on just how much is possible when we work together this religiously. And on that note, here’s current Track Of The Day from the delicious-sounding The Casket Girls. We ended up reviewing this on Tuesday’s Amazing Radio sesh (we will never get over those girls) and given that this was the track that stood out for us the most – indeed, Clark is now starting to get visibly agitated given we have just played this track again for the 10th time whilst typing up this blog post and several emails in-between – Same Side absolutely needs a less transient prop up than just that. Same Side is creepy as hell. Cool creepy. Lyrically creepy and aesthetically creepy; on a par with our favourite band of all time Alkaline Trio in that sense. We are left with images of a fucked-up Alice In Wonderland scenario, further fueled with the knowledge that The Casket Girls are fronted by two sisters called Phaedra and Elsa, and that this track was released on the band’s second album release called True Love Kills The Fairy Tale through Graveface Records, which is out on 11th February. So, it’s got Gothic connotations, but all wrapped up in rhythmically-driven track laden with yet-further-creepy-ass organs (the instrument, not the…bits of human) that has a vocal that quite frankly is as captivating as it is somewhat disturbing. We’re thinking of something that exists between Tegan and SaraAustra, Smoke Fairies and The Jezebels. We’re giving it another spin. We’re hooked. Sorry Clark. Actually, no we’re not.

The Casket Girls – Same Side


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