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So, how’s it feel to be back at work? Have any bantz on the tube on the way in? Rinsing the caffeine yet? Kidding yourself into think you do not miss the retrospectively-more-than-ample time off one little bit? We’ve done two of those things, but in all honesty we’re so ruddy happy that we’re back up and running once more, at least in the temporal sense. Did we ever really go away? Nah. Naaaaaaaaaaaah mate. So around ducking and diving in between cleverly-timed email transmissions – y’know, the ones where people think they’re being real smart by emailing you first thing on the first day in rather than the last thing on the last day out so they magically appear at the top of your inbox pile (this kinda works on us) – and meetings that should once again result in yet more big-boy shit a little further into the year, we found the time to tune into our very favourite show Audition on Amazing Radio. That’s Charlie Ashcroft’s show. He’s like the Lt. Cmdr. Data of the new music world as far as we’re concerned (yeah, we smashed a wee bit of Star Trek on Netflix last night. And before you start, it was fucking great and so is Data), and he just so happened to give a spin for rising Aussie rock-outerers Tired Lion. While we cannot find the aforementioned spun-track anywhere, we did come across a recent release from theis dudette plus 3 x dudes called Desperate from the Perth four-piece which kinda makes us wish we knew about this before we put out New Moons: Volume 1 because we would have absolutely tapped them up to beg for their inclusion. There’s always Volume 2 though right? We don’t mind saying all of this out loud because we’re absolute suckers for The Pixies, No Doubt and Silversun Pickups which Tired Lion manage to sound like a spicy combination thereof. Also we reckon they sound a little bit like that band that sing that song that goes “here you go, way to faaa-aaaa-aaaast, something-something ya gonna craaaa-aaaa-aaaash”, which we’ve just discovered after some intense internet-based research is by The Primitives. You didn’t know that before either, so shut up and just listen to this.

Tired Lion – Desperate



Tired Lion – Bright Eyes

Tired Lion – For The Wolfman

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