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Escape To New York
“Growing Pains”

Escape To New York

Don’t worry. We’re not about to get all emo on your asses, rambling on about how we wanna disappear, whopping out of this town with little-to-no information on where we’re going or what we’re doing or when we’re coming back, if ever. Nah, we would never do a write up about all that crap. Although we are going to New York in the new year. Which is real soon. We can’t say why, of course. That’d ruin the element of cryptic enticement, which is why you lot love us so much right? RIGHT. Anyway, time is not on our side to write this up as we’ve decided seeing as we have approximately a handful of days left to do some sort of Christmas shopping. In that we have done none at all. You know how it is, we’re sure. Anyway, let’s just get on with it and chat some sweet breeze about four dudes who collectively refer to themselves as Escape To New York, and collectively have blasted out a rather moving little number called Growing Pains onto t’internet. They are from Derby. We’ve got family there. See, Killing Moon last month would have wept their whiney little eyes out over this. But not just-before-Christmas Killing Moon. Shit ain’t like that. This is still legit though. Real legit. On first play this ambitious slice of sonic boomness carries the weighty songwriting prowess of recent greats such as The National and Arcade Fire mixed with the vocal sharpening of TV On The Radio; and, lo and fucking behold, they cite at least two of those on their Soundcloud as their very influences. RIDDLE US THAT. Add to that they’ve chucked in references to Silversun Pickups and the dude on the left in the above picture is repping a Bonobo tee, what the hell is not to like here?

Escape To New York – Growing Pains


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