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Knocking Ghost
“Soul Aspiration”

Knocking Ghost

You could be forgiven for thinking that London’s Knocking Ghost is the spicy grassroots side-project of one Chris Martin. Within the first few moments of the vocal track flooding into the electro-pop backdrop that current Track Of The Day Soul Aspiration has to offer, it feels like Mylo Xyloto era Coldplay playing tricks on ya ass. Not in that way. Or whatever. Given the sheer amount of other-bollocks that we’ve been rambling on about for so-very-long as of late, unfortunately regular Killing Moon office proceedings have taken a knocking so as to benefit the aformentioned. Such as A&R meetings. A&R meetings generally follow a prescribed format of detailed in-depth discussion on a track-by-track basis, and since it has been a while since we spent some quality time in this respect with A&R Clark, we were blown away almost instantly when he whipped out this bad boy. He KNOWS stuff. So far what has been shared with us is that this is a reasonably-spanking new duo who have performed a bunch of sporadic shows at quite significant settings such as Isle Of Wight Festival and the Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, where they presumably put their Coldplay-via-New Order stylings on public display. Yet this has been achieved by their larry, or so we’re assuming, given that they’re unmanaged/unlabelled/unwhatever. We like that kinda shit. Now stepping things up a peg or two, they’ve recently unveiled the video for this crunchy groove, and by gum is it sleek as fuck. We dig. And now you must dig too.

Knocking Ghost – Soul Aspiration


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