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Seems we’ve successfully managed to worry a bunch of people to a certain extent with our pessimistically-toned wording as of late. For the record y’all, we’re fine. Well, we’re okay. Just some shit got very real in a very compressed space of time, and we’re sure you lot probably know what that’s like – it’s just that we happen to have a conduit to the rest of the world that a lot of our chums seem to take pleasure in reading on the reg, combined with our seeming incapability to not wear absolutely everything on our sleeve as well as the lost cause that dressed-up sarcasm is to the internet. Perhaps given certain revelations in the media over the last 24 hours or so, and the associated air of thinking you know someone super well for some time, and as consequence you start doubting how well you truly know anybody given what goes on behind closed doors; we should tone it down. Other things are clearly more important than our dry approach to attention-seeking. So we will. Tone it down, we mean. On that note here’s some new and very good shit from a super-young band called Paper Man from Northern Ireland. The confidence of their youth (and we have it on good authority and from visual confirmation that they are, indeed, “young”) seems to shine through on Collisions which to us feels like the kind of material that the frontman of a math-rock or hardcore band would churn out once they decide to grow up and write the kinda shit they always wanted to but were too afraid of how it would be received at that point of their lives. Good on em for getting that rubbish out of the way early-doors. Funnily enough, this lot list Fightstar in their list of influences, and perhaps there’s some credence in that given what we’ve just rambled on about above – however we’re gonna go ahead and say what we think this sounds like; and that, dudes, is Biffy Clyro doing Two Door Cinema Club doing I Was A Cub Scout doing Sons & Lovers. That’s a hella-lot of doing. Get down on it.

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