“Give It Up”


Goddannnnnnnnnnnnnnng it’s been a ridiculous 24 hours. Whole bunch of stuff has happened. We had a meeting with one of our favourite Scottish people (or people in general, this one just happens to be a tower of Scottish enthusiasm for everything and anything) about yet another thing we may have chatted about on here in a somewhat typically cryptic tone recently, but the honest true-say is that we cannot wait to unveil this little bugger to you which we’re hoping to very shortly. Just dotting them I’s and smashing those T’s, so to speak. Anyway, what else happened? Oh yeah, Duologue had a blast’n’ball opening up Shepherds Bush Empire last night for Fenech Soler, shortly following which we had to dart off to catch our chumley V V Brown do a pretty spesh show at the Camden Barfly; at both of which we found ourselves slow-dancing and body-grooving pretty much on our lonesome. That’s just the life of courage we lead right now. Speaking of dancing and/or grooving, how about this empassioned slice of sonic excellence from new guys EXROYALE, the sensually-entitled Track Of The Day Give It Up? Yeah, how about that. This lot, assuming it is indeed a lot or at least not a solitary individual, are doing a fine job of tearing up the blogs over the last 2-3 days with most of those tastemakery heavyweights that you (probably) know and (in all likelihood) love all throwing their two cents in to culminate in about, like, 20 cents worth of props at this early stage. And who can argue with that? Not us. So we won’t. Instead we will through our own spare change into the mix which will add similar-sounding plaudits along the lines of Prince, Fine Young Cannibals (SURELY someone other than us remembers them?), and a weird combination of Jack Garrett toplining over a Swiss Lips track into the mix of those that have already been thrown this lots’ way. Have a smashing weekend yo.



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