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“Midnight On An Island”

The Little Unsaid

We’ve recently been found muttering under our often-fatigued or otherwise subdued breath something alluding to how generally people like to “PR themselves”. On one hand, in this line of made-up work, individuals perceive themselves – or rather would like to be perceived – as a sort of brand unto themselves. Apparently this is how you obtain clout (they’ve even got an app for that now, funnily enough called Klout, which somehow we’re doing quite well at much to this dismay/shock of others who bore witness to our joining of said app. Way to go, us. We’re definitely social networking whores) and advance yourself in such a convoluted career path. On the other, in part running in tandem with the first issue and in another being totally counter-productive towards it, is the ongoing desire to consolidate oneself as an individual, which more often than not goes against the grain of basically being in with the so-called right people and in the so-called right capacity, particularly if you partially or completely are at odd ends with what they stand for and what their aspirations may or may not be. For us the balancing act exists very much in a personal sense; given that we try to pride ourselves on taking our “work” as personally as possible, to the somewhat sinister end of using it as a kind of selling-point in itself, we hope people (whose opinions we do actually care about) can understand that. For example, if you strongly dislike someone, is there any point to telling them how you feel given all you’re likely to do is piss them off (which is funnily enough the reason for the initial dislike)? Conversely if you love someone and realise the potential/psychological PR-fallout of such an assertion may be unbearable, do you tell them? To be honest, or to PR? Politeness or brutality? The fact is we’ve spent a great deal of time this week surrounding ourselves with those we know we can trust and essentially venting, so generally we’ve been operating on the heart-on-sleeve approach. In those conversations, rather inconveniently, we have been told that occasionally it may well be worth our while to keep our big mouths shut every so often. We also got to see an incredible 90’s soul sensation act called Black Forest Ghetto at Soho House, who suckered us in with their parody of Captain Picard during their second 9-minute song complete with MC Hammer style breakbeat dance moves, as a brilliant side-product of our truth-mission. Anyway, we’re working on “it”. Not now, obviously. So in recognition of our apparently outspoken nature, here’s new-ish guy The Little Unsaid and his subtly-big Track Of The Day Midnight On An Island. According to the source of all our knowledge, Facebook, this guy very recently either played a show or recorded a session (or both) in Highgate Cemetery, which is pretty much our stomping grounds these days except we’ve done a bare minimum of stomping that goes beyond Tesco. This guy probably knows more about our gaff than we do, which figures. But what of the man behind this spicy little twist? Real name is John Elliot. This is his alter ego, so he is probably as contemporary as shit in real life. He has been playing a bunch of shows in and around the London area for the last year or so and has recently stepped his game up by way of releasing Dig For The Promise, his first album offering in April this year. We’re sad that this slipped under our proverbial radar at the time – given that this dude sounds like Alt J and Cloud Boat clashing with the vocalist of The Delays, as well as reminding us more than a bit of Malpas in terms of his progressive indie-electronic stylings, it is quite likely that we would have got on. Also, bow down to your sensai and acknowledge Mr. Elliot’s game-changing interpretive dance moves in the clip below.

The Little Unsaid – Midnight On An Island


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