We genuinely feel like our world is ending. The fact is, we’re drinking too much. Sure, it is that time of year – actually, we say that, we’ve been pulling this kinda shit for most of this year. Sunday was a little bit too real in that it very nearly didn’t happen at all for us. Saturday night happened in this order. Step 1: wander around hell Harrods having accidentally imbibed three shots of espresso in one (albeit delicious) go. Step 2: eat a calzone whilst looking as if you’re not a zombie due to sleep deprivation dating back to mid-last week, which co-incidentally represents the one meal of the day. Step 3: go see Racing Glaciers at Sofar, which would be the one point during these steps that we don’t feel like a personified dork primarily owing to the fact that we have re-commenced drinking once more. Step 4: following said-show, announce that we are going home because we are dying. Step 5: 20 or so minutes after Step 4, arrive at a house party in North London to lay down some of the freshest progressive ambient/electronica dance moves that you ever did see. Step 5: arrive home at 4.30am. So, yeah. It seems we have a problem. Right now it feels like we’re trapped in our own personal Poison The Well song. Time to abstain. Time to get REAL. Have a listen to Looks. They’re real, and they’re (probably) not spontaneous piss-heads like we’ve been of late. From what we can observe, Looks like to spend their time making dreamy pop beats using what we interpret to be a massive drain pipe that they can play as a sort of didgeridoo (we dunno, did she do what? YEAYUH) that results in one of the most interesting inclusions into a pop song structure that we’ve heard for a while. Imagine this: Foals body-slamming Passion Pit outside a wrestling ring and into a crowd of rapturous observers consisting of Stone Roses who are casually dressed and deep in conversation with Ride. Yeah, imagine that. And listen to the bloody song of course.

Looks – Everest

[Oh cool. No wordpress embed code. Click here to play this bitch.]

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