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Broken Men

Maaaaaaaaaaaay have stayed out a litttttttttttttttttle bit too late last night. Sure, we bossed it on down to the Alcopop/Big Scary Monsters NBA Jam tournament – for everyone’s information, this did not involve any real basketball, but rather real men playing Sega Megadrive – in some sort of arcade thingy-turned-cake shop-turn-shooter bar in Soho. It was great. We got knocked out pretty much straight away, and we feel strongly this was the intention of Jack Clothier all along. Mug us off in front of all his pals. Pushing us around. Make us feel belittled, that kinda shit. Well, it worked. We want a re-match, and we’re certain that if we continue this line of bellyaching that we will probably get our way sooner or later. Undeterred, we damn near sprinted into the central London bitter night to see Racing Glaciers bring their epicness to the comparatively non-epic surroundings of the Bedroom Bar in Shoreditch (we still dig that venue though) and it was a delight to see them drop jaws and turn heads in their trademark way ahead of their very first trip abroad supporting Kodaline in Paris at the end of this month. Swish. That being said, we’re maybe operating at 95-99% today as opposed to our usual 110%, because, alas, we drank some beers and stuff. So, here’s Broken Men and their quite frankly game-changing Track Of The Day Five Star. These guys look like punx. We can dig that. This is maybe the first time in several months that we’ve revisited our iPhone list where we periodically add names of different bands and artists that seem to lose any notion of origin in terms of where we heard of them from. Which is kinda the beauty of the whole thing. We relish basically knowing fuck all about most things. That being said, a limited amount of Facebook-based research has revealed to us that the recently played a show in London opening up for Professor Green, Zane Lowe, and Pure Love – meaning that they must enjoy Relentless Energy Drink quite a lot. Good for them. Good for us is that this reminds us more than a tad of Night Engine; to differentiate from their Bowie-vibes, here you’re getting stuff like Arctic Monkeys doing Talking Heads doing The Maccabees doing The Killers. Clark has more or less put his fucking foot in it by saying that he has definitely heard of this lot ages ago, however we have gone ahead and told him that he is lying on the basis that he has absolutely no proof to back this up and even if he did, then he is a terrible A&R for not telling us about this sooner. Although he has somewhat-usefully chimed in that he reckons this sounds like Black Keys. It’s pretty, pretty spicy. Have a looksee.

Broken Men – Five Star


Oh lookit, they’ve had an EP out ruddy ages ago. Like a year ago. Get on this.

Broken Men – [PHASE001] EP

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